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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mayor Executed

The mayor of Guadalupe y Calvo and one of his bodyguards were executed by unknown sicarios in the state capital, at the entrance to Cuauhtemoc.

Chihuahua, Chih - Gunmen executed the mayor of the municipality of Guadalupe y Calvo, Ramon Mendivil Sotelo, along with one of his bodyguards. Also wounded was another officer who was part of his security detail. The vehicle they were travelling on injured four other people after it crashed.

The Municipal Public Security Bureau reported that at approximately 1830 hours, armed men traveling in at least two cars intercepted the mayor's SUV and fired at all the occupants. The mayor and the slain police official were shot more than 20 times each during the 10-minute gun battle, the Heraldo de Chihuahua newspaper said.

The newspaper "La Dependencia" reported that the slain mayor was traveling with two bodyguards, one of them was killed in the shooting while the other sustained injuries that required he be transported for medical attention.

At the crime scene police located dozens of spent shell casings of .223 caliber, consistant with a AR-15 assault rifle.

Four people, two adults and two minors, that were riding in a car was struck by the SUV of Mendivil Sotelo and were injured in the collision.

The preliminary report states that the incident took place at Kilometer 9 of the Cuauhtemoc-Chihuahua road, apparently after the mayor was been transported to his home town.

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