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Friday, February 26, 2010

"El Barbie" Bodyguards are Detained

Ciudad Ayala, Morelos - Through an official statement issued by the 24th infantry of the Mexican Army, it was reported the arrest of two bodyguards of Edgar Valdes Villarreal, "El Barbie," in the town of Ciudad Ayala, located east of the State of Morelos.

This was accomplished by the Counter-Narcotics Units and  were held on illegal possession of firearms.

The arrest took place on Calle Lázaro Cárdenas in the plaza "Centro" of Ciudad Ayala. The sicarios had been seen in two vehicles with other armed men who were escorting Edgar Valdes Villarreal, "El Barbie."

These individuals were Felipe León Aguilar 55-year-old native of Chietla Puebla and Norberto León Coria native of Ahuehuetzingo Puebla.

They were also found in their possession with a green leafy substance wrapped in newspaper with the characteristics of Marijuana aboard two SUV's models Explorer and Expedition.

Those suspects, drugs and vehicles were made available to the federal prosecutor located in the Plaza of Cuautla, Morelos who will continue the investigation and interrogation of the suspects.

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