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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Brother of El Tigre Falls

Roberto Sánchez Arras was arrested in Chihuahua, his brother Pedro was captured in 2008, and is considered the third in command of the Juarez cartel

Villa Ahumada, Chih - The Mexican army arrested Roberto Sanchez Arras, brother of Pedro Sanchez Arras, "El Tigre," considered the third in command of the Juarez cartel or "La Línea," who was captured in 2008.

Authorities of the Coordinated Operation Chihuahua indicated that on February 18, 2010, military personnel of the operation succeeded in arresting Robert Sanchez in the town of Villa Ahumada, Chihuahua.

They reported that the capture was achieved based on citizen's tips and intelligence work, which required for the operations to move to the city, where they apprehended Robert Sanchez Arras, who is brother to Pedro Sanchez Arras, "'El Tigre."

Roberto Sanchez was in possession of three long rifles, four handguns, all weapons typically used by the Army, a fragmentation grenade, 22 magazines of different weapons and 992 rounds of different calibers.

In addition, they seized tactical police uniforms of diverse agencies, body armor, tactical vests, and a 2005 burgundy SUV Mitsubishi Montero without license plates.

Roberto Sánchez Arras and the confiscated weapons were turned over to the federal prosecutor assigned in Juarez to conduct the investigation.

"El Tigre" was arrested on May 13, 2008, in the municipality of Hidalgo del Parral, along with six other individuals, who were in possession of weapons for typical of the military, ammunition, and uniform with patches from different police agencies.

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