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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Alleged Picture of Student Armed with Long Gun

The mayor of Ciudad Juárez, José Reyes Ferriz, argues that one of the victims has links to organized crime for allegedly having a picture of himself in his cell phone armed with a long gun, although the mayor admits that he has not personally seen the picture.

José Reyes Ferriz, mayor of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, said "at least one" of young massacred in Villas de Salvarcar in Ciudad Juarez by an armed commando "had illicit activities."

According to El Universal, the proof that Mayor Reyes Ferriz offered in making this accusation is that a victim's cell phone had a photograph of the young man armed with long gun. But Reyes did admit that he had not seen the picture personally.

He also said that so far there is no evidence that the remaining 16 victims were involved in a gang.

According Reyez Ferriz the alleged picture in the cellular shows a long rifle with ammunition and magazines (cartridges).

"So these are the type of weapons that are not used by a young man, not even a petty criminal, these are the type of weapons that are being used by more experienced criminals, that is why there is the connection, but it is only a connection to this particular person," he added.

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