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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We Are Not Standing Idly

Calderón: We Are Not Standing Idly By in the Fight Against Crime.

Presidencia de la República

President Felipe Calderón leads the 21st Meeting of Mexican Ambassadors and Consuls.

President Felipe Calderón stressed that the battle his administration has waged against crime and organized crime is designed to preserve the security and tranquility of citizens.

He also pointed out that it should not be assumed that this problem will be solved by standing idly be, as some people hope.

“This is a serious problem in which the President will take the lead and will involve heavy costs in terms of time, because it cannot to solved in the short term; and money, which is why we have virtually doubled the budget for the country’s security and unfortunately, human lives,” he said.

At the 21st Meeting of Mexican Ambassadors and Consuls, the President instructed members of the Mexican Foreign Service to speak well of Mexico in order to dispel the mistaken image those abroad have of the country.

“I know that events have attracted the media's attention, creating distorted or mistaken perceptions about the scope of the problem we have, but it is crucial to gauge its true dimension."

“In short, one can dissent or criticize but one can also speak well of Mexico and we must speak well of Mexico. This is true for any Mexican, particularly for those of us in public positions and particularly for those in the foreign office," he said.

Accompanied by members of his cabinet, President Calderón stressed that in 2010, Mexico needs public figures to act with unity of purpose and action, overcoming ideological differences, since Mexicans have the obligation to reflect and contribute to the country's political, social and economic strength.

“In this year of the Bicentennial, I think that Mexicans must draw some lessons from the nation's history. A key one is that the lack of unity destroyed us in the past, and curbed the country’s progress,” he said.

Addressing nearly a hundred ambassadors and consuls, the President declared that it is also important for people to know about the real situation in Mexico regarding human rights, where the main challenge is the construction of an effective Rule of Law.

He regretted the fact that there are Mexicans who speak badly of the country and regarded it as important to understand that there is a national interest above any particular interest.

“The main attacks on life, patrimony, freedom and human rights do not come from Government but rather from organized crime. There are states in the country where they say: There is violence here because Federal Government intervened; there are states in the country that request the intervention of the Federal Forces and then say: No. there is violence here because Government intervened. That is not true. Federal government intervenes when there is violence, not the other way around,” he explained.

President Felipe Calderón also paid tribute to Ambassador Carlos Rico Ferrat, who died on Monday and was an exceptional diplomat and academic who dedicated his life to serving Mexico.

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