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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Two Judicial Police Executed

Two Judicial polce officers were surprised by gunmen when they were investigating a reported assault at a local business.

Ciudad Juarez, Chih - The two officers of the judicial police had just arrived at the Electric Auto business located in Boulevards of Oscar Flores and Rubén Rivera Lara where they were killed when a highly armed commando was waiting for them and repeatedly fired at them leaving their dead bodies on the asphalt.

According to witnesses several men armed with high-powered weapons arrived and began firing on the truck while the officers were inside.

One of the officers managed to get out of the vehicle and attempted to repel the attack with gunfire and at the same time run away but he was hit numerous times by bullets from the executioners.

One body was left inside the vehicle in a government pick-up truck while the other was found lying dead on the sidewalk near the main entrance to the establishment.

The judicial police officers were identified as Carlos Alberto Gomez and Ever Castillo, who were working during the time and doing their job at the time of their death.

Their colleagues from the judicial, municipal and military, as well as State Bureau of Investigation rushed to the scene where they located about 50 spent shell casings in the parking lot of the business.

Of the attackers it is only known they were driving a red Durango pickup truck that fled the scene before other police officers arrived to assist the slain officers.

Two men dead after shooting at Applebee's in Juárez

In another incident two men were killed in a Sunday night shooting inside an Applebee's restaurant in Juárez.

Chihuahua state police on Monday identified the shooting victims as 46-year-old Rene Catalan Gutierrez, who died inside the restaurant, and 44-year-old Hugo Garcia Esparza, who died at a hospital.

The shooting occurred about 8 p.m. inside the busy restaurant located on Avenida Paseo Triunfo de la Republica and Avenida Adolfo Lopez Mateos near the Rio Grande Mall in north Juárez.

More than a 25 people have been killed in Juárez this year, including a dozen Sunday.

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