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Friday, January 15, 2010

Shootout in the Capital

Shootout in the capital, they execute a CIPOL officer and two sicarios are killed.

Chihuahua, Chih - A shootout between CIPOL state police officers and an armed commando wearing uniforms and tactical ballistic helmets yesterday morning left three dead and three injured, in the community Dale.

Among those killed was the agent of the Intelligence Corps Policing (CIPOL), Ricardo Ramos Galvan, and two members of the armed group.

The injured were three policemen, one of which was the operational assistant coordinator, Juan Manuel Garces Siqueiros, which presumably was the target of the attack and two other agents showed only minor shrapnel wounds. The commander had suffered an attack in Ciudad Juárez on May 21, 2009.

During the attack which began after eight o'clock members of the Samaniego community experienced the moments of terror.

Gunshots of assault rifles used by the police and the criminals were heard for several blocks around, some versions from witnesses say grenades were also detonated.

Apparently the armed commando began following the deputy coordinator of the CIPOL Juan Manuel Garces and his escorts from the streets 68 and vialidad Ch-P.

The armed group was traveling in several vehicles; two were abandoned in the place of the shooting, including a blue armored Jeep Cherokee.

Underneath this vehicle were the bodies of two members of the armed group, the same ones that were struck and dragged for several feet by their accomplices, who eventually abandoned them. Both offenders were wearing protective vests and ballistic helmets, similar to those used by soldiers and policemen.

The other vehicle driven by the aggressors was a late model gray Tahoe with license plates that came back to Nissan Altima, which had sustained multiple bullet holes from the gunfight.

At the crime scene police secured several firearms belonging to the armed group and at another location, police recovered a black armored Cherokee with no plates which had several bullet holes and had been used in the confrontation.

The van was found inside a home where the military used force to enter.

Apparently this truck was also used to abduct "levantar" a CIPOL agent, who had been disarmed and his radio was taken from him.

The agent who was "deprived of his freedom," a term used for the crime of abduction, went to the municipal police station asking for help after he was released by his captors.

The police were traveling in a Ram Crew Cab and a white Cheyenne during the attack. The two police units were totaled after the damages from the attack.

Witnesses told police that other members of the armed group fled aboard two gray cars, one a Jetta and the other a Lancer.

It was learned that two others of the injured criminals stole car from a citizen and they left an assault rifle abandoned at the scene.

After the confrontation, police closed all traffic on the roads Ch-P as well as by Samaniego and 30th Street, and as well as not allowing the train to pass.

At the scene dozens of police from various agencies and the military converged to provide security and attempt to find the aggressors. The dead bodies were processed by staff of the state forensic department and taken to the Forensic Medical Service facilities.

Survived attack in Juarez

Commander Jesus Manuel Garces Siqueiros, who allegedly was the target of the attack in the state capital, had been previously attacked in Ciudad Juárez on May 21 2009 while on patrolling with agent Enrique Campos Garcia.

After the attack Garces was sent to Chihuahua. According to newspaper archives, the two officers were ambushed outside the premises of the agency and a 47-year old civilian who happened to be traveling near the scene at the time of the attack was wounded.

Siqueiros y Campos García Garcés were traveling in unit 332, while civilian vehicle was driving a late-model Ford Mondeo.

In the official report issued by the Deputy of Justice in the Northern said that the incident took place at 0720 hours in the mentioned location and only a few feet from the only access to the new police station that had just opened.

The officers managed to repel the attack and despite receiving several gunshot wounds in different parts of their body managed to survive the attack.

Other attack of CIPOL police.

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