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Friday, January 1, 2010

The Numbers in Tijuana

111 police and 1,794 people, executed in two years of governor Osuna Millán in office. 

PAN presidential terms in BC: 6,551 executions

By: Enrique Mendoza Hernandez

If impunity to execute people, men, women and children, continues as usual in Baja California, Osuna Millan PAN administration will go down in history as the bloodiest of the Governments National Action. In Tijuana, during the administration of Jorge Ramos 48 violent deaths were reported.

In total, during the administration of President Felipe Calderón will have 17,117 executions, of which 2,305 in Baja California have occurred which means that 13.5 of every 100 murders in Mexico, occur in this federal entity.

The numbers are clear.

In Baja California, the five administrations since Ernesto Ruffo Appel to Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan killing drug proceeds have been growing both in number and violence and cruelty.

At least 6 thousand 551 people have been executed in various ways. Enteipados or encajuelados, dismembered, decapitated, and 2008 and entambados charred and dismembered. Pozole, his body hanging from a bridge. In car trunks or wrapped in a blanket.

Despite the minimalist discourse of PAN governors, the reality is that the impunity enjoyed by organized crime members, allows them to carry out killings to settle feuds, vendettas to settle scores or run.

Is the case of the aide who was tortured, abused, beaten and inhumanely treated, before being killed and dismembered. It was revenge for a drug trafficker. Also the 14 people killed in the second week of December in a span of 24 hours. His death was the result of the division that exists in the Arellano Felix cartel and that governments in Baja California, Federal, State and City have been unable to hold, keeping the wave of violence.

Despite the increasingly high rates of violence from drug trafficking in Baja California, particularly in Tijuana, the authorities have developed a joint strategy to combat crime. Under these conditions, cells in the drug trade becoming increasingly concentrated impunity.

Baja California over the administration executed (excluding that of Osuna Millan is not over) has been the Bachelor of Eugenio Elorduy Walther: From 2001 to 2007 the total number of executions was 2 thousand 543.

However, in almost half the government of Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan, are recorded 305 violent deaths 2 thousand product of organized crime. As follows:

2007: 511 executions.

2008: 1 mil 019 violent deaths.

2009: 775 murders until 22 December.

Total, 2,305 executions in three years of government of Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan.

In this dynamic criminal, the number of executions per year has been increasing. Except for the year, "atypical" when in 2008 there were 019 thousand executions in Baja California, years closed in less than a thousand violent deaths each year but always increase:

2006: 489

2007: 511

2008: 1019

2009: 775

At this rate the presidency of Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan will exceed the 5 thousand executions, to become so and despite the optimistic speech, the administration Baja California's most violent of all time.

Similarly, the administration of Jorge Ramos in Tijuana, is concentrating more on their executions over two years in office:

2007: 310

2008: 882

2009: 598

Total, 1 thousand 790 executions in three years and if we removed the 310, 2007 since only last month ruled that year, the amount reaches the 1 thousand 480, a figure quite as high.

Although Tijuana is the most violent city in Baja California, the capital city and the fifth not far behind. In Mexicali, there was a more than threefold increase in murders over the previous year: 25 executions in 2008 and 84 in 2009. By contrast Rosarito decreased: 64 in 2008 to 23 this year. Obviously a "cockroach effect" occurs in this regard.

In Ensenada were 20 executions in 2008 accounted for 31 this year so there was a slight increase. Meanwhile, in Tecate statistics are similar: 28 in 2008 to 29 in 2009.

Nationally, the three-year administration of President Felipe Calderón, of 17 thousand 117 executions, 2 thousand 305corresponden to Baja California, ie, in the 13.5 state executions perpetrated in 100 that occur in Mexico.

Moreover, in Baja California police hunt continues. In November and December 2007, the first two months of administration of Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan, 9 police officers were executed, 62 in 2008 and 40 in 2009, which gives a total of 111 soldiers executed for all police forces, the most municipal police killed 78, 20 ministers, 6 of the Federal Preventive Police, 3 of the Preventive State, one Army and 3 of the Federal Investigation Agency. Although the RMP does not have specific data, news data indicate that at least 2 thousand policemen of all corporations have lost their lives in these three years.

Attorney Chavez Chavez lost count of executions

When it is assumed that the Attorney General's Office (PGR) should at least keep track of statistics at the national level, the Attorney Arturo Chavez Chavez Do not guess at the figures when they do the media. At breakfast-conference year-end Dec. 17 in Mexico City, a reporter asked about the total of executions this year, to which Chavez Chavez replied: "In regard to the official figures, is a question that had already talked at breakfast even earlier. The handling of figures I think it might be imprecise, among other things, because as you know, the crime of homicide is the courts, then many times the data are collected precisely using as source entities.

"Now, depending on the features of the killings, they are often linked or associated with organized crime, but as many of them have not been clarified, can not be said conclusively that a victims of organized crime. At times, linking the activity of the victim with the way it was carried up to conclusions of this nature, "he said.

"The figure, again, under these conditions (inaudible) but I would ask Richard to do me the favor of these figures and cotejáramos could subsequently provide more accurate data yet," he said.

The truth is that many executions throughout the Republic, is difficult to bring the account current, however the statistics means normally closes the last days of each month, which are then obtained from their own report cards by the attorney state.

According to the records of ZETA periodic collections, in 2007 executions took place 2 thousand 561, 6 thousand 756 in 2008 and at least 7 thousand 800 in 2009 resulting in only the first three years the government of Felipe Calderón, a total 17 thousand 117 executions throughout the country. Or what is the same, during the "failed war" of Felipe Calderón (in the words of Manuel Espino, former national president of the PAN) and go on the violent situation in the country, at least 30 thousand executions will occur in the Felipe Calderón's presidential term.

2009 is the year that also hit men, and civilians executed narcomenudistas amid gunfire everywhere, cartels also killed mayors, secretaries of public safety, politicians, army commanders.

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