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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Man Found Decapitated

It is assumed that it is the ministerial agent abducted "levanton" December 29, 2009.

Tijuana, BC - The decapitated body of a man was found this morning in the community of Emperadores and along with it, a "narco-message" addressed to "ingeniero" or "engineer" Fernando Sanchez Arellano.

Although the state attorney general's office did not return calls, rumors were unconfirmed that the decapitated head was that of the ministerial police officer abducted "levanton" on Wednesday in the community of Fortín de Las Flores. A member of the Attorney General of the State at the location of the body almost immediately recognized the deceased as his partner who had been missing for several hours. It was not long for them to confirm their suspicions.

Extreme cruelty is what was seen in the assassination of the ministerial police Marco Antonio de la Luz Arellano who's body was decapitaed and mutilated. The agent had physical signs of torture to his skull and face, and his genitals had been torn off while he was still alive. 

The body was found at about eight o'clock in the morning in the streets of Colima y Texcal in the community of Sánchez Taboada. The headless body was nude, while the head was located a few feet away wrapped in a plastic bag.

The narco-message to the Arellano Felix cartel leader said: "See what happens to your people albañil. Att: La Maña"

The officer assigned to the Auto Theft Unit of the Attorney General Office was forced from his house, after which on December 17, another of his colleagues was also taken in the same way, although was not killed but was severely beaten and released.

Similar Message

A similar narco message was left with another deceased, also maimed and decapitated was found in the street at Camino Viejo Vergel in the community of Cerro Colorado.

His hands and feet were tied with a white band and a sisal rope. The culprits cut off his right little finger and the left ear.

This was an individual of between 50 and 55 years old, fair complexion, with a mustache and beard.

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