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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lt Coronel Leyzaola Perez in HIs Own Words

They have attempted to assassinate the LT Coronel Julian Leyzaola Perez with bazookas, he has been ambushed, even with trucks cloned to look like military vehicles, they have tried to take him out with car bombs, and just recently a sicario infiltrated his close circle of security detail. But when he talks about all this, he talks so calm despite the violent wave engulfing the city of Tijuana.

He is waging a war against the cartel, or as he prefers to call them "mugrosos," in the city of Tijuana.

He talks, in his own way, pulling no punches, about the image of narco drug pins that are portrayed in narco corridos. Last year he kept the Tucanes de Tijuana from performing in the city.

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