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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gunfight Between Sicarios and CIPOL

They identified the CIPOL executed this week, the intended target was the commander Garcés.

Chihuahua, Chih - Police officers of the CIPOL (state police) engaged in a firefight against an armed commando in Ch-P Highway and street Samaniego, leaving a toll so far of four dead, including a police officer and two injured.

The injured were two officers of CIPOL one of them included Commander Garces, and a policeman named Campos, who were injured in the streets 11 and Tamborel, when an armed commando attempted to execute them.

From that point started a chase that ended in a shootout on the streets Vialidad Ch-P and Samaniego where a total of four people were killed.

The body of a dead officer from CIPOL was left inside his police vehicle on the road Ch-P, while a block away three alleged sicariose were killed and their body lay underneath a vehicle Cherokee.

At this Place a Silverado pickup and luxury Tahoe SUV were also left in the middle of the street riddled with bullet holes from the intense gun battle.

At the end one police officer resulted killed during the confrontation, although in the initial stages it was believed that three officers had been killed because the dead sicarios were wearing uniforms similar to the ones worn by the police officers.

The name of fallen officer was Ricardo Ramos Galvan, who was the security escort for commander Garces who was the intended target of the attack by the sicarios. The police vehicles had numerous bullets holes from various weapons including a 50 caliber firearm, known as "mata policias," and three state police officers, including the commander, resulted injured. They were transported to an undisclosed hospital where their condition was not known.

Members of the Mexican army searched several homes looking for the suspected sicarios as well as providing support for the lawmen that were injured.

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