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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Five Federal Police are Ambushed and Killed

Five federal policemen were Ambushed and killed.

Five federal police officers were killed when they were attacked by an armed commando in the highway Occidente.

Maravatio, Michoacan - Once again elements of the federal police were ambushed in Michoacan, this time at West Highway. The actual death toll in this incident is five dead and seven others seriously injured.

The incident occurred at approximately 1430 hours, when a heavily armed group of sicarios opened fire on two police cars that were heading for the town of Maravatio after passing the second bridge next to a toll booth of Zinapecuaro.

Apparently, the police did not have time to respond to the aggression. Based on the spent casings that were found at the scene, the alleged gunmen opened fire from different locations on the federal police officers.

In an operation to try to find those responsible there were two federal police helicopters involved, in addition to seven patrols of the same agency, and approximately 40 elements of the Mexican Army assisted by the State Preventive Police.

This is not the first time that elements of the federal police have been ambushed, just in the month of July 2009 there were approximately seven attacks in less than a week against officers of the federal police, following the capture of Arnold Rueda Medina alias "La Minsa "who serves as the chief sicario of the "La Familia Michoacana" cartel.

With today's executions the toll of deaths in 2010 has increased to eight so far, and just yesterday the Director of Public Safety in the municipality of Quiroga, Antonio Bravo and two of his bodyguards were killed on their way to the city hall.

Also on this day in the town of Apatzingan six people were beheaded and marked with the letter "Z" on their chest and in the head, who authorities believe that the multiple murders were committed by organized crime.

Meanhile in the town of Zamora, six suspected criminals were displayed after being killed with a "narcobanner" on the main plaza of the town where the cartel of La Familia Michoacana was exhibiting them as thieves.

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