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Sunday, January 17, 2010

El Teo is No Hero

Tijuana BC - The lieutenant colonel and current Secretary of Public Safety for the city of Tijuana, Julián Leyzaola Pérez, said that although some people portrait drug lords as heroes such as Teodoro Garcia Simental, "El Teo", but in reality he is only a "rat in prison, a coward and a disgusted fat man.

"They are afraid of dying in in prison, but some songs in "corridos" make them sound like they are super-human heroes."

"El Teo is now a rat in prison and he fell like any other little dirty criminal who only feels brave when they victimize someone innocent, but when it's their turn, they in turn act like cowards and act like women," said Leyzaola in an interview.

"His surgery and his disgusting fatness the he shows could confuse someone, but eventually he was stopped," said the official, who has been the target of four attempted bomb attacks blamed on the sicario Garcia Simental.

Leyzaola said the capture of "El Teo" is an honor to the memory of the 40 policemen killed in the last 2 years.

"They (law enforcement agencies) like I, feel the same excitement and satisfaction of having sent this individual to prison. What I do regret of the arrest of this fat man is that I'm going to have to keep him in prison with my taxes and from what I see, it's going to be expensive," he said.

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