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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dismembered Body of Federal Judiciary Found

They found the mutilated body on the street with a narco message in Veracruz-Boca del Rio.

Veracruz-Boca del Río - The Federal Judiciary, Nayeli Reyes Santos, 32 years of age, who was abducted last Thursday when she was walking to work, was found at 7 this morning dead and dismembered in the streets of Invernadero and Marte in the community of Joyas de Mocambo.

With signs of torture, mutilated and a narco-banner nailed to the back with a knife, is how the remains of Reyes Santos were found. The narco-poster had a warning against those who tried to betray the cartel members "Z" or Zetas. Unofficially it is believed that the message said, "This is what is going to happen to all those who show no respect or finger the company. Atte Z."

Later authorities were able to confirm that the body found belonged to Nayeli Reyes Santos, who was intercepted by a van with unidentified men, when she was walking on the street Habaneras near the corner of Paseo Jardines de Virginia.

After being missing for 72 hours, the body of Reyes Santos was finally found. She is the counsel of the official Second Judicial Court of the Federation, who was abducted last Thursday morning a few blocks from her home when she was walking to work.

The soldiers who had arrived at the scene saw that it was the body of a woman, her dismembered body had the legs and arms wrapped in plastic bags and her torso was facing down. She was wearing underwear and a tank top. The hands were still secured by handcuffs and, black pants and shoes were found with the limbs.  Her head was detached from the body. The head was later found under two sheets at the corner of Invernadero street in the community of Jardines de Virginia, near her home and where she was raised.

They do not have any clue to the identity of the criminals.

Several units of the Mexican Army, Federal Police and elements of the Secretariat of Public Security arrived at the scene. Also at the scene was the staff of attorney general’s office, who was already conducting an investigating of the disappearance of the girl since last Thursday.

According to unofficial sources, the death of the employee of the Federal Judicial Power is related to the arrest of the auditor and supervisor of the cell "Sur" of the Gulf Cartel.

It was last week when two shootings were reported in the port of Veracruz that resulted in the arrest of Juan Carlos Tarabay Castillo, aka "El 20," who served as auditor and supervisor for the cell "Sur" that includes Puebla, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche and Quintana Roo. Subordinate Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales, aka "El 40," was the last major operator of that organization.

In addition they secured the arrest of Jaime Cifuentes Márquez, aka "El Chupon" and Desiderio Jiménez Rivera, aka "El Borrado," all members of the criminal organization of "Cárdenas Guillen."


Corpse is returned to INMEFO

During the night, the parents of the lawyer Nayeli Reyes, discovered that the corpse they were viewing during the wake had some very different characteristics from those of their daughter.

The main observation was the fact that the body had curly hair, unlike Nayeli’s, who is straight and streaked with "highlights".

These inconsistencies were brought to the attention of the Governor Fidel Herrera, who immediately ordered all the necessary tests of exams to remove any doubts.

The wake was suspended and the body was returned to the Institute of Forensic Medicine, where in the course of the next few hours they will perform various forensic tests, including DNA testing.


  1. Are you sure "40" was arrested?

  2. Yes, according to "El Universal."

    I had read that a while back too.

  3. It doesnt say he was arrested - it says "el 20" is his subordinate but NOT that Trevino "40" was arrested....

  4. You might be right, I will look further into it, and change it for now. Thank you for the correction.

  5. Did they ever find out if it was Nayeli?

  6. It was Nayeli, I have about 10 gruesome pictures that somebody send me, I can tell the hair is not curly. It is indeed straight, it looks to be redish, but it could be because it's covered in blood. Both women appear to have had a very distinctive body type. In one of the pictures you can see the face, and they seem to be the same person.

  7. What is Mexico doing about this? Have the murderers been caught?
    Does Mexico have the death penelty? If so, it should be imposed on the criminals who killed this woman.

  8. Why, she was only doing her job, May the lord be with, she was so beautiful, kill the naaiers, stupid fucks, I connot and will not forget,why did u have to kill like that, Mothefuckers kill your fuckin rival freaks, fuckin scum

  9. Mexico is shit, FBI this shit it getting to much, Trevino is noT Jesus, kill The motherfucker

  10. The demons in hell are going to have no mercy with these scum bags, nashing of teeth and non stop torture will be there fait, good luck assholes you will be assured of warmth were you going!!!!!!!

  11. Let me just add, she was running an erand for me when she was killed. In September, 2008 Gabriela Leon de Oaxaca was brutally raped and murdered by Sheriff Kevin Berns (El Chapo family), with J.P.Morgan family member at UCSC, guided and ordered by DIR National 911 Intelligence Nazi daughter Cameron Haines, and her mother Karen Hughes on the Satellite. They put in a double look alike of Gabriela and insisted she was still alive. I was the only witness to the murder that wasn't one of them. In Aug. 2009 I had enough evidence to prosecute and showed Nayeli the photo they had put up of Gabriela Leon recieving her certificate of public notary (human rights lawyer certification) in 2009 was false, she died in Sept. 2008. She apparently had a mind to prove it at the Mexican dept. of justice and this is what they did before she did, right before she did. There is a hell of a lot more to this story, one part of which is that I am running a running battle with these terrorists as the follow me 24/7-365 hitting me with laser weapon from star wars satellite. Not good times.


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