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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Commando Executes 13 in Juarez

The victims, mostly teenagers, were at a party when an armed commando interrupted with gunfire.

"No tienen perdon de Dios"
Citizen of El Campanario

Ciudad Juarez, Chih - A preliminary toll of 13 dead and 8 wounded was the result of an armed attack caused by a group of gunmen who arrived in seven vehicles in the subdivision of Salvárcar Villas.

Informants said that the attackers arrived on seven vehicles, which they used to block the street. While others stood guard and others carried out the attack with assault weapons.

In the gruesome crime scene can be seen is a pool of blood and human remains of the murdered boys, who were gunned down inside the house.

According to the version from one of the survivors, who hid inside the house, the gunmen arrived at the house where the party was taking place, they took the women out of the house and began firing at the men inside. Some of the victims attempted to desperately flee but were practically hunted like animals.

Most of the victims were young students from the campuses of CBtis 128 and of the Bachilleres 9.

The attack happened in the early minutes of this Sunday at the intersection of Vista del Portal and Portal de Salvárcar where there was a party.

In the garage of the house were the bodies of three people, two of them arrived on a motorcycle.

The two people killed were not related to the party as they arrived on their motorcycle to buy a soda at a candy stand located next to the house of the massacre.

The injured were taken in cars to the clinic 66 of the Social Security Department that is located just minutes from the scene of the attack. Of the 11 injured, two died while being treated in the hospital and another just outside waiting to be treated.

The man that had been waiting outside the hospital was half dressed as he was killed when he came out of his home to investigate the first gunshots.

Due to the high number of injured the death toll may rise in the coming hours, as it was first reported that only 13 people were killed in the incident but that number has been increasing as the injured have died while being treated at the clinic 66 of the IMSS.

Among the victims is also a teenager who reportedly witnessed a multiple murder in the community of El Campanario in recent days.

The residents of the neighborhood nearly lynched the soldiers and police who arrived at the scene, as the residents say, that the police and military only serve to get in the way and trample all over the evidence at the crime scene.

UPDATE: The toll would end up being 16 students killed.

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