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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Sound of Gunfire Silences Ramon Ayala

"Who is it?" Asked the gunmen guarding the door of the residence.

"We came to the party," said one of the newcomers.

As they opened the door the group that was dancing to norteña music asked, " are we expecting anyone else?"

"No, no, we got everybody!" Shouted someone from inside.

With those words, a shooting broke out against the visitors, who were actually members of the Navy of Mexico in civilian clothes.

The sound of bullets silenced Ramon Ayala, who was playing his music for those who were attending the narcoposada. Suddenly numerous gunmen appeared from inside the house located on Paseo de los Naranjos, to confront the soldiers who retreated against the walls of the residence to engage the drug traffickers.

Amid the crossfire a gray Toyota truck suddenly sped off away from the building. It is said that in the vehicle were the two brothers Arturo and Hector Beltrán Leyva but this information could not be confirmed. According to unofficial sources, the goal was to capture Edgar Valdes Villarreal, "La Barbie," chief sicario of the criminal organization.

According to statements from neighbors of the subdivision, located in the town of Ahuatepec, in the north part of Cuernavaca, the confrontation between the armed forces and drug traffickers occurred around 1:30 pm on Friday, resulting in three deaths, two gunmen and a woman who was identified as Patricia Terroba of Pintado.

According to unofficial reports the woman is said to have resided near where the offenders had organized the party with a norteño musical band and at least 20 prostitutes.

In reconstructing the sequence of events, based on testimony from people in the subdivision, they said that when Terroba arrived to her home she was caught in the crossfire sustaining a fatal injury.


Other versions of the incident have the Beltran Leyva brothers fleeing aboard a gray truck bearing the plates of 102WPH, which was later located at the corner of Teopanzolco and Rio Mayo, highways that lead to the Mexico-Cuernavaca or Cuernavaca-Acapulco. The vehicle was found with the doors open and blood stains in the interior, this according to State Police.

Recently, the Beltran Leyva brothers managed to escape a siege by federal forces that had been deployed. In May 2008 elements of the Federal Police intercepted a convoy of four vehicles from the state of Guerrero by the Autopista del Sol. In one of the vehicles was traveling Arthur, the oldest of the clan of the Beltran Leyva family, a fact that was subsequently confirmed.

At that time, at the entrance of the pay toll booth in Alpuyeca, the feds signaled them to stop, but the vehicles accelerated past their roadblock. They sped away on the highway leading to the southern state of Morelos, in the town of Xoxocotla. Soon after the feds caught up to them, there was a confrontation, which left four dead, including two federal agents. Arturo Beltran managed to escape during the distraction.


According to locals, the confrontation between soldiers and drug traffickers lasted for about two hours, and detonations of grenades could be heard.

Before the armed confrontation, the clamor of the party was heard along with the corridos played by Ramon Ayala and his band the Bravos del Norte The band members along with the Los Cadetes de Linares (norteno band) and 20 prostitutes were detained by the military and transferred to the capital of Mexico to provide statements to the attorney general.

The armed forces also captured 11 suspected drug traffickers, seven that were injured by gunfire.

The area was cordoned off by elements of the 24th Military infantry and a Marine helicopter provided cover over the location of occurrence.

The detainees were taken from the residence around 17:00 pm on Friday, and taken to a field in the town of Tepoztlan, adjacent to Cuernavaca, area designated as a landing zone. From there the people were moved to Mexico City.

The Norteno Musicians

The PGR filed legal hold on the singer Ayala y sus Bravos del Norte as there are indications of links with organized crime.

Sources indicated that the legal status of the group "Rey del Acordeón" and members of Cadetes de Linares along with the Grupo Torrente are being held as witnesses present their interviews in the next few hours to determine whether the musicians are released or file charges against them.

Right now the bands and their team members (26 in all) continue to be interviewed at the office of the Deputy Attorney specialized in investigation of Organized Crime (SIEDO), where they were sent on Friday night.

"Thanks to the statements given to the Federal Public Ministry, there is evidence that could potentially link them to illegal activity, that is why the situation was moved forward with the investigation," said an official.

Outrage over death of woman
El Sol de Cuernavaca

Patricia Terroba de Pintado, whose house is directly opposite to where they were celebrating the narcoposada was very unfortunate to be caught in the crossfire and receive several gunshot wounds.

But the most outrageous for family, friends and those who knew what had happed, is that her husband, the architect Gabriel Pintado, a cousin of Roberto Madrazo, saw that his wife that had been wounded but still alive, tried in vain to help her but was intercepted by federal agents who prevented him from helping her. He was forced to retreat and take refuge inside his home leaving his wife exposed to further gun fire, and it was not until hours later that he learned that his wife had died.

This especific situation generated the most complaints against the federal agents as the family and friends of the victim feel that if Gabriel Pintado had tended to his wife Patricia, she might had survived her injuries. They immediately, and through an attorney, filed a complaint with the HRC.


  1. all the groups the sing corridos for the cartels know the tucanes we all know in tijuana that they used to hang out with the arellano cartel un there early beginings.

  2. WE know where barbie went and who helped him, he escaped in a white van and hid only 100 yards away in a politicals home only seconds from the murder that was video recorded. He/they should all die including the governors cabinet whom escaped identification with help of the corrupt army and police forces. this was not an act of justice but an act of one cartel eliminating another. They let Patricia die because she saw the highly public political figures leaving the party escorted by protection. She was not the only one. Booom...Banng aaaagggh sconds pass Boom..Bang...OOOhhh Diiiooosss. THen the narcos were allowed to excape whit full knowledge of the marines of their wherabouts.


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