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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sicarios Execute a Municipal Police Officer

A municipal police was shot and killed this afternoon as he drove his car on his way home on Avenida Francisco Villarreal. Just this morning another agent from the same police agency was also attacked but managed to escape with his life.

The victim, identified as Humberto Gonzalez Tarango, was driving his personal vehicles when he was confronted by his assailants at around the street Ejército Nacional.

He tried to escape after receiving the first volley of bullets but a second burst of gunshots took his life a few feet ahead. His white Grand Cherokee without plates ended up parked on the center strip of the road with him dead onboard.

At first glance dozens of impacts from gunshots could be clearly visible on the front driver's side windshield and driver's side window. Many of the bullets were able to find the victim.

This is the second attack on a police officer of the same police department on this day, as this morning another officer was injured from gunfire as he drove to work. In the attack individuals carried out the shooting from a moving vehicle.

The wounded officer was identified as Édgar Vega Arzabala, who apparently is assigned to the sector of Benito Juárez, and until this morning was reported in critical condition.

According to preliminary reports that came out about this case, the incident occurred around 5:10 pm in the intersection of and Tapioca and avenida Paseo de la Victoria.

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