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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sicarios Attack Aguascalientes Police Headquarters

Aguascalientes, MX - Earlier last Thursday, a gang of 40 armed men attacked a police headquarters in San Francisco de los Romo, in the central state of Aguascalientes, killing two police officers. In the morning of December 3 a heavily armed commando with more than 30 luxury SUVs attacked and slaughtered 3 police officers.

Ten of the SUV surrounded the building of the Municipal police headquarters and started firing their high-powered weapons. They threw grenades and fire power from 50 caliber weapons. The result was two policemen dead and one seriously injured.

Then another group of gunmen aboard two trucks, plunged into the parking lot and fired their his AK-47 "cuernos de chivo" and AR-15 killing police officer José Manuel Robles Prieto, 38 years of age,  who was at the entrance of a guard house. His death was instantaneous.

Then they entered the police station asking for the director César Barbosa Barrios who was not in at the time. Then they sprayed the facility gun fire.

The gunmen boarded their trucks and fled, but they had advanced a few yards when they met a patrol vehicle driven by police officer Clemente Castro Díaz 40. When the sicarios saw him, they began shooting at him.

Faced with the unexpected attack, the officer diverted his vehicle away to some soccer fields that were located behind the police building but the sicarios continued firing at him.

There was convoy of 9 trucks that was following him aboard with numerous gunmen, but one of the trucks left the convoy and went directly after the police vehicle that was attempting to flee in a dirt empty field.

One of the bullets struck one of the tires of the police unit and Diaz got out of the unit running on foot.

The sicarios continued to pursue the officer and one of the sicarios was able to hit the officer on the back.

Wounded, the officer continued to run but the truck driven by the sicarios struck the officer running him over.

The truck stopped and one of the sicarios got out and fired at least 53 shots at the body of the officer at close range hitting him several times including several shots to the head.

More than 1,300 spent shell casings were found at this scene and the police vehicles was destroyed in this sad note of Mexican history.

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