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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sicarios Arrested

The 'Sugus' was captured in Juarez

According to a statement from the "Joint Operational Chihuahua," a task force made up of army troops and federal police, Mendoza-alias "Sugus" or "Payaso" - was arrested along with three other suspected gunmen, who authorities accused of committing several murders.

They admitted to authorities to be members of a gang called "Los Aztecas," or "Los carnales" who took orders from a person nicknamed "El Kiri", supposedly resident in Las Vegas (USA).

A Mendoza is considered head of six cells of assassins dedicated to selling drugs on a small scale in the center of Ciudad Juarez in the State of Chihuahua (northern Mexico).

They are accused of killing members of other cartels like the Sinaloa cartel, and gang drug dealers as the "Mexiclan" or "Artistas y Asesinos," along with other independent sellers of narcotics.

Extremely Dangerous

Authorities say Mendoza admitted "having killed approximately 140 people and had ordered his gang to execute 60 people over a period of 7 years.

Next to the alleged leader was arrested Adrian Avila Irigoyen, who admitted murdering 64 people from orders by Mendoza since leaving prison this year.

Avila admitted being a member of the armed commando who shot two members of the Sinaloa cartel outside a clinic in Ciudad Juarez.

The other detainees are Andres Yañez Vargas, considered the person responsible in the death of 4 people also ordered by Mendoza. Arrested was also Armando Cañas Hernandez, alleged murderer of two people and also on orders from his boss.

Detainees were in posession of four pistols and an AK-47, along with eleven packages that allegedly contained 70 kilos of marijuana.

The arrest took place in a routine inspection when the suspects were in a Ford vehicle in downtown Ciudad Juárez.

'Boss of Zetas'

In other news, elements of the Federal Police arrested a man identified as Thomas Ochoa Celis, aka the "Tommy", an alleged member of the criminal organization of the Zetas, who controlled the traffic of cocaine and marijuana in Veracruz and Tamaulipas.

At a press conference, the head of the state regional Federal Police, Little Ramon Eduardo Garcia, said that research and information exchanged with the United States facilitated the capture of this individual in the city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

"Our inquiries indicate that Ochoa Celis is considered a leader of the "osta Esmeralda in Veracruz and responsible for the traffic of cocaine from Guatemala to the town of Diaz Ordaz, in Tamaulipas state," explained the official.

'The Tommy'

He explained that each shipment of cocaine that was coordinated by "Tommy" was about one ton of cargo transported in trucks with double bottom floors and travelled through a route in the town of Comitan, Chiapas, and then continue through Tabasco, Veracruz and Tamaulipas.

"Ochoa said Celis received a monthly salary of $20,000 per load delivered, and that one of his clients was a Guatemalan family with a surname of Lorenzana" he said.

Garcia added that this subject has a criminal record in the U.S., specifically in Texas, where he was imprisoned for nine years on charges of possessing and distributing marijuana and possession of a firearm.

Well armed

The official explained that this individual gave the details of their activity to Alberto Jose Gonzalez, alias "El Paisa", successor of Jaime González Durán, alias "Hummer" in the hierarchical structure of the Zetas.

Celis Tomás Ochoa was arrested in possession of a weapon long AR-15, a fragmentation grenade, a bulletproof vest and 11 cell phones, and was turned over to the Attorney General of the Federation for prosecution.

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