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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sicario Accused of Killing Federal Police

Ciudad Juarez, MX - Federal authorities in Ciudad Juarez arrested a suspected identified as Miguel Ángel Rivera Gutiérrez, "El Charita" who belongs to the group called "La Línea" of the Juarez Cartel.

"El Charita" is linked to the murder of three federal police last October who were investigating the recent murder of Benjamin Franklin Ray LeBaron , Mormon leader of the community Lebaron, municipality of Galeana.

This invidual is believed to have committed the murders of three federal police recorded last October who were carrying out intelligence work as part of investigations into the case Lebaron.

The Charita was transferred to Mexico City.

Last July a group of sicarios murdered Benjamin Franklin and his brother in law Ray Charles Whitman Stubss, after entering the home of the Mormon leader in the community of Galeana.

On 27 November, the SSP informed released information about the arrest of Carlos Andres Ortega Butchereit who was identified as one of the members of the group of sicarios who murdered these two people.

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