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Monday, December 21, 2009

Feds in Bikes to Join the Operation

Ciudad Juarez, Chih - The Juarez municipal authorities unveiled the new group of the federal police officers that have joined to patrol the streets as part of Operation Joint Chihuahua (occh), who will give immediate response to emergency calls of violent incidents.

About 20 motorcycle officers from the federal police agency will provide support to the Mexican Army, Cipol (state police) and municipal police forces, said Mayor José Reyes Ferriz.

He explained that earlier this week he met with authorities from the Federal Public Security Secretariat (SSPF) to talk about increasing their roles of the Immediate Response Center (CERI) and to respond to complaints generated by the Crime Stoppers program.

"This increase of officers will allow us to better patrol Juarez and it assures police presence in high traffic areas, for a quick response by traffic police who will be supported by the Municipal Police," he said.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for OCCH, Enrique Torres Valadez, said that the police Harley bikes, that are manned by newly trained traffic officers, arrived earlier in the week. "The bikes arrived in trailers and the traffic officers are conducting surveys of the sectors they have been assigned," he said.

He said the number of Federal traffic Police officers consists of a total of 20 and will work to strengthen the immediate response to acts of violence.

In addition, the mayor announced that he is in continuing negotiations with the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) to maintain the 1,200 elemants of the SSPM, including their senior commanders.

He said the aim is to stay until March 31 in order "to lower crime rates and leave the local police agency capable in providing security to the community"

He stressed the importance of continuing to have the Army work in conjuction with the municipal police, because their presence allows for the restructuring of the police forces, which aims to increase the number of officers and training in Santa Gertrudis.

He said that part of the deal is that the city of Juarez will cover the cost of food and lodging for the officers, plus salaries for the elements who will support the Traffic Division and the Municipal Police.

Nice brand new Harleys, compared to the old, worn bikes of the Juarez municipal police.

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