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Monday, December 21, 2009

Family Drives Through Cross Fire

Ciudad Juarez, Chih - This guy along with his wife riding in the front passanger seat of his van and his 2 year baby girl in the back seat drove right through the cross fire of a gunfight. His vehicle was riddled with bullets. By the mercy of God none of the three were hurt, we have seen too many kids killed in the cross fire of the sicarios.

See the tear in the back of his jacket? That is from a bullet grazing his back. When you go for a ride in the streets in Juarez, you best understand that you have entered a combat zone.

Facts: A carload of sicarios were in fast pursuit of another car with two males. As the sicarios were chasing them through the busy streets of Juarez, they were shooting at them while on the move. The car that was being pursued finally lost control and crashed against three cars that were parked in a parking lot.

The sicarios got out of their SUV, walked up to the car and slaughtered the occupants to death. The sicarios as is common fled without being detected. Funny when the shooting starts none of the thousand military is around. I just find it strange.

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