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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Border Tunnel Found in Tijuana

SAN DIEGO - More than a dozen people were arrested Wednesday after Mexican authorities found an underground tunnel extending from Tijuana into the United States.

The tunnel, measuring just under 1,000 feet in length and reaching a depth of 90 to 100 feet, did not have an entry point in the United States, according to Drug Enforcement Agency, which issued a statement on the discovery. The passageway extend more than 860 feet across the border.

This operation resulted in 13 arrests of people allegedly linked to the criminal organization of the Arellano Felix, who, presumably, were involved in the construction of this tunnel.

Although incomplete, the tunnel has lighting, electrical and ventilation systems and is equipped with an elevator, according to federal officials. When Mexican authorities entered the passageway Wednesday morning in Tijuana, they found more than a dozen people, all believed to be Mexican citizens.

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