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Thursday, December 10, 2009

7 Bodies Found in the Road to Chihuahua-Parral

Chihuahua - This morning the bodies of seven dead people were found in the state road 158 to Parral-Chihuahua route.

It is presumed that these men are the people who were abducted 'levantadas' in recent days in a drive-inn in the city of Parral.

Authorities are at the scene conducting an investigation

El Diario
December 12, 2009

Hidalgo del Parral - At least 10 youths were abducted "levantados" with extreme violence in a drive inn in La Cabaña and La Curva. The ministerial authorities could not provide any official report of this event, but statements from witnesses suggest that it could be more the number of men that were abducted.

The incident occurred on late night Sunday to the amazement of dozens of witnesses who witnessed the abduction and reported it to the authorities. The situation sparked panic among bystanders and even many in the crowd fled in panic.

Witness reported that an armed commando entered "La Cabaña" and at least 10 people were abducted at gunpoint.

Moments later five municipal police patrols arrived to the loaction to check possible escape route and the military conducted interviews from witnesses.

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