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Friday, December 11, 2009

2 Federal Police Officers Die from Injuries

Apatzingan - This early Thursday two federal police officers died from serious injuries sustained in a previous confrontation with gunmen in the town of Apatzingan.

The two police officers identified as Sergio García Rebolledo and José Antonio Aceves Espinoza sustained multiple gunshot wounds to their bodies.

The incident where the officers were injured had occurred last Wednesday at around 1600 hours on the stretch of road that leads to the rural community of El Alcalde a Guanajuatillo, south of the town of Apatzingan. The federal police officers had been travelling in a convoy of several vehicles.

On the edge of the Sierra Madre del Sur the officers enter rugged terrain in a settlement known as La Cucha at which time several snipers from organize crime started firing at federal agents who immediately jumped out of their vehicles to repel the attack.

In a gunfight that lasted about an hour, four suspected gunmen were killed while these three federal agents were seriously injured but this morning they died from their injuries.

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