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Sunday, November 29, 2009

President Urges Fed Police to Remain Honest

President Felipe Calderón urged Federal Police officers not to allow crime to infiltrate their ranks or to tolerate complicity or dishonesty among their colleagues.

“We want Mexicans to be proud of their Federal Police and unlike in the past, we do not want them to distrust, fear or underestimate police performance," he declared.

During the inauguration of the Federal Police Intelligence Center of the Public Security Secretariat, the President declared that we must all propose not to rest until it is quite clear that we have an honest, capable Federal Police Force, in which Mexicans can trust:

“Let this police force be an example because of its loyalty, effectiveness, service, capacity for unreserved commitment to the public security of Mexican families," he said.

Accompanied by Secretaries of the Interior Fernando Gómez Mont and Public Security, Genaro García Luna, the Mexican president repeated that Federal Government's strategy has been to focus on legal changes, act using the law and create institutions that will outlive those currently responsible for citizens' safety.

He urged the authorities to become involved in the task of exchanging information on crime, as stipulated in the General Law on the National Public Security System.

Addressing an audience of Federal Police authorities and officers, President Calderón said that the center he inaugurated today is a computer brain “that will enable us to keep a step ahead of crime.”

“This center will also make it possible to make the best possible use of Platform Mexico, the International Interconnection Network of municipalities, states, departments and Federal Government itself, which gives the authorities timely information to combat crime,” he said.

It will also help transform the capacity and effectiveness of the Federal Police and Government, since its design and capacity for storing and analyzing information will make this center a key center of national information exchange.

“One of the goals we wish to achieve in Federal Government is to provide Mexicans with a reliable police force, a strong, well-trained Federal Police force whose technical and organizational capacities exceed those of criminals,” he said.

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