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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Four State Police Officers Killed

The slaughter of people in Juarez has not diminished a bit and police officers are not immune to the violence. They get picked like sitting ducks and rarely, does anyone get caught. These frequent random acts of violence happen in the middle of the day, in pubic places and  against armed forces. Today in Juarez was just another day of mayhem and misery. Once again human blood soaked the streets of Juarez, as it has day after day, with no end in sight. Authorities in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez say four state police officers were killed today and two others injured in two separate attacks.

Chihuahua state Public Safety Department spokesman Samuel Delgado says unknown gunmen opened fire on two plainclothes policemen in an unmarked car early Thursday, killing both.

At about 11:30 in the morning in the center of the city two policemen of the Department of Intelligence were killed when gunmen opened fire while they were refueling their police units in a facility located in the streets Hermanos Escobar and Rafael Perez Serna. A gas station attendant, who was not immediately identified but was known as "El Piojo" was caught in the crossfire was injured.

According to witness accounts the police officers were on two pickups attempting to fuel up with gas when they were fired upon by sicarios (hitmen) who were on two separate vehicles, one a dark Envoy and a red Liberty. The gunmen descended their vehicles and began to shoot at the police who were caught by surprise.

The police did not have time to return fire and fell immediately to the ground with fatal injuries. The shooting lasted for at least a minute. Recovered at the scene were spent shell casing of high caliber consistent with an AK-47 or "curno do chivo."

The identities of the two Cipol agents that were executed this morning were identified as Omar Isaac Martinez Ramirez, 25 years old and Jonathan Lopez Moreno, 29 years old.

This is almost the same place where a few days ago other Cipol other agents were ambushed by gunmen killing one officer and injuring three including the commander Prieto.

This new violent against Cipol agents caused a large police mobilization in the area by dozens of municipal and state police officers, as well as army troops.

Also is that this is the second event in the day where police officers have lost their lives from different police agencies.

A few hours ago two police officers from the ministry were also killed. The officers had time to repell the attack unsucessfully and the sicarios managed to flee the scene avoiding capture. Authorities of the Attorney's Office provided the names of the two ministerial police officers that were killed this morning in the Jardines de Satélite. The agents are Manuel Calderon and Gabriel Ramirez.

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