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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Executions of Police in Sinaloa is Alarming

The alarming number of policemen who have been killed this year rose to 53 total with the death of agent Javier Herrera Lamadrid agent who died at a hospital in the port of Mazatlan with brain hemorrhage.

The officer along with fellow policemen Paulino Garcia de los Santos, who were victims of a sudden attack by an armed commando, so sudden that they didn't have time to repel the attack.

The president of "Frente Cívico Sinaloense" Mercedes Murillo de Esquer, cautioned that it is urgent that the commanders of the various police agencies monitor their troop to ensure they are wearing bulletproof vests, and work collectively to tackle criminal bands that have made them targets.

Most recently more than four police officers in agencies of the state and municipal departments have been killed by organized crime, especially those attached to the municipality of Navolato, and no strategic change in their working environment has been made to protect their safety.

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