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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Alleged Assassin of the Garcia Commander Falls

The State Agency for Investigations in Nuevo Leon, managed to arrest one of the killers responsible for the death of the Secretary of public security of the city of Garcia, the retired brigadier general Juan Arturo Esparza, and his four bodyguards.

The head of the investigative agency, Miguel Angel Rivera said the alleged killer is named Ramiro Fernández de Luna, alias "The Chivis" who works as a private taxi driver in the city and is suspected to be a "halcón" (hawk) and "sicario" (hitman) for Los Zetas, the armed wing of the Gulf Cartel.

The brigadier general served as public safety secretary and had only been serving for 4 days when he responded to a cal for help from the mayor Jaime Rodriguez Calderon. Esparza was ambushed and killed while on his way to help the mayor by a group of about 30 Zetas.

Also killed on that day were three soldiers, two of which were the general's bodyguards and two policemen Juan Ramón Lugo Esparza and Oscar Galván Castillo, who were also responsible to act as personal bodyguard to the secretary.

The director of the State Investigation Agency, Angel Rivera, explained that the arrest of Hernández de Luna which is only one of the alleged perpetrators of the multi-homicide which took within the city's limits.

"La Chivis was arrested while riding in a personal taxi in company of his father Juan Manuel Fernandez, who is the leader of group of taxi drivers in the city.

Both worked in post for the purpose of signals to the sicarios by whistling and giving information about the movements of police and military around the city of Garcia.

Fernandez de Luna is one of the sicarios who fired on the van of the Secretary and his four bodyguards.

Although he confessed to the attorney general office that he was in possession of a weapon during the incident, he decline to comment when he was presented to the media, saying he was awaiting the result of ballistic results.

When asked if he fired the shots or not, he was evasive in his answer saying that he is only a taxi driver and welder.

When asked again at the end of the press conference "El Chivis" nervously denied involvement in the assassination of General.

The head of the State Agency of Investigation said 24 people have already been charged for this crime, 16 of which were working as police officers and seven were civilians, among them are the alleged masterminds of the crime.

He stressed that "El Chivis" is the first detainee who has confessed direct involvement to the multiple homicide.

Authorities are expecting to detain at least seven more people who might be directly involved in the killing of the brigadier general.

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