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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Badges for 337 Police Cadets

This morning the city of Ciudad Juarez pinned new badges to 377 police cadets who finished four months of basic training to become municipal police officers in the ninth class of the municipal police Academy.

The ceremony was held at the Benito Juárez Civic Plaza in the company of relatives and various municipal leaders including Mayor José Reyes Ferriz.

The new officers pledged that they will provide service to the community based on values and discipline instilled in them in the classrooms of the academy.

"We must show our community that we are the new blood and eager to show people that they can trust us from now on," said newly sworn Fernando Varela.

He added that developing these traits takes a great sense of duty, a return back to their roots and engaging with the current situation to try to bring positive change.

New officer Tania Aguilar said that society must also be committed to the new police force and provide them their vote of confidence since they possess new tools necessary to help them be a constructive solution to the current problems and also help them maintain a professional image.

"There must be a coordinated effort between society and police because without their support we will never hear the need of our community" she said.

With this latest addition of police officers the Mayor is closer in reaching his goal of 3 thousand police officers he pledge during his administration, and commitment that was made early this year to the federal government, said the Mayor.

Reyes Ferriz said that even with the new officers, he is requesting that the 1,200 military troops that provide support to the Juarez Police remain in the city at least until March 15 or when the crime rates decrease to manageable level.

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