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Friday, October 9, 2009

Mexican Justice System

In the US many times we find ourselves complaining about the judicial system when it comes to dispensing justice on repeat offenders who commit violent crimes. It seems like there appears to be a revolving door in the judicial system when we see violent offenders re-offend time and time again. We get so frustrated when we see or read in the media about yet another incident of a senseless crime committed by a criminal that has a lengthy criminal record. But consider the latest arrest of a hit-man (sicario) who was arrested by the Mexican army in the crime ridden city of Ciudad Juarez.

Arrested was Juan Pablo Castillo López aka “El Pelon” who is a known member of the notorious gang “Los Azteca” or “Los Carnales.” The military had detained him while he was driving a white late model Chevrolet Tahoe and inside they found an assault rifle AK-47 (known as “cuernos de chivo”) and three handguns along with ammunition. The Tahoe was rigged to conceal weapons and drugs. In one of the secret compartments police found a total of 12 kilos (in 24 packages) of marijuana. In addition the vehicle had an electronic device used to disperse nails when being pursued by police or enemies. The vehicle was modified as if from a James Bond movie.

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This known gang criminal had been arrested last year, in 2008, along with nine other suspects who all had confessed to the kidnapping and killing of 23 people. For unknown reasons Castillo López had been released in September of this year and within three days of his released, he had apparently killed two people who were said to be brothers.

This is totally outrageous and is a blatant disregard to a fair justice and threatens the common wealth of the community. This injustice should be of major concern to the citizens of Juarez which jeopardizes the safety of all the people. If this happened here in the US, everyone would be demanding answers and holding someone responsible. First and for most, this type of abuse of power or corrupt legal procedure (I don’t know how else to describe it) continues to occur, Juarez will never be able to curb the wave of violence engulfing the city.

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  1. Today the media is saying that a group of armed "sicarios" broke into the "corralón" (car pound) used by the Federal Police to store seized vehicles, and after disarming the security guards, took some of the armoured vehicles including the white Chevrolet Tahoe described in this note. The Federal Police has been unable to find the "recovered" narco vehicles.


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