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Saturday, October 17, 2009


This crime scene had all the trademarks of narco style execution. Executions in Mexico are common now days, in fact we could fill page after page of such brutality on this blog but this one had a characteristic not seen before.

The "who's" and "why's."

Right after a crack-down from the Mexican army against the armed body of the Gulf cartel the Zetas, three bodies of men executed gangland style were discovered along with a "narcomensaje."

"We're the new group of matazetas and we are against the kidnappings and extortions, and we will fight against them in every state to clean up Mexico," read the message.

The Crime:
A while back authorities received an annonymous telephone call about the discovery of an abandoned vehicle with three dead people inside. At the scene was a Liberty Jeep style SUV without license plates and with dark tinted windows.

The vehicle was secured and through the windshield there was a temporary permit issued by the Government of the State of Oaxaca in the name of Saul Armando Yam.

Inside the vehicle were three bodies covered by a piece of cardboard with a message. The bodies were handcuffed, their faces taped with plastic bags. It appeared that the method of death was suffocation.


These men had been the same ones who had been shown on a recent video on Youtube while being interviewed by masked men armed with assault rifles.

The execution were carried out by a new group of commandos calling themselves "matazetas" or the killing of Zetas.

A number of videos posted on YouTube confirmed the existence of this group of hitmen "Matazetas" dedicated to the capture and killing of members of the Gulf cartel known as Los Zetas. Below are just two of videos that have been posted on YouTube in which sicarios belonging to the Zeta cartel were kidnapped and executed. They were taped confessing their criminal activities and also provided the names of police, police commanders and politicians who are either part or support the drug cartels.

It appears this video was made in or near Veracruz because according to federal police that is where these three men, same ones described above, were found executed and on their bodies were cardboards with messages from reputed Matazetas claiming responsibility.

Note the weapons the black uniformed Matazetas are brandishing while the commando on the far right is toting a grenade launcher. This might suggest the involvement of one of the major cartels or even possibly the military.

On this video a Cuban-Mexican Ivan “El Tigre” Blanco confesses to smuggling Cubans and Chinese into Mexico and ”bringing chicks in from the island.” He goes on to say the Zetas extorted money from undocumented Cubans up to $400 in U.S. dollars to allow them to cross through Cancun on their way to the US border.

The Chinese were force to pay up to $6000 dollars fee to come in to Mexico by way of Italy. According to Blanco, Los Zetas split the money with Mexican federal agents. This would confirm the Zetas/Cuban connections revealed last year.

With these videos, the suspicion give rise that perhaps the Matazetas are a cover for a corrupt segment of the Mexican military, or there might be a very strong possiblity that this paramilitary emanates from another cartel like La Familia of Michoacan or even Guzman’s Sinaloa crew. That Matazetas are a whole new creature in itself, and leaves so may doubts of their origin (for now) given how effectively and swiftly they operate in multiple levels, tactically and strategically.


  1. Ojala que Los matazetas ayuden al precidente de Mexico a terminar con la delicuecia porque es muy triste para nosotros Los mexicanos darnos cuenta,
    De lo que pasa. Y Los que pensabamos regresar a Mexico a retirarnos ! Ya no lo deseamos por todo lo que esta pasando.todos esos delincuentes no meresen
    Vivir porque ellos no se tie tan el corazon,en cortar la cabeza y dejarlas por donde quiera. Ojala que algun dia Mexico pueda ser libre Otra ves,
    Y que manden al inferno a todos Los policias corructos,para que asi nosotros
    Puedamos regresar,y ser libres como antes.

  2. Deverian de matar a politicos corruptos que se prestan para que los zetas agan desMADRES EN MEXICO

  3. si la policia fuera lo efectiva que se supone que es y no fuera tan corrupta se le dejaria que hiciera su trabajo pero da lastima que se les paga para proteger al civil y no lo hacen vivan los matazetas y que dios los proteja para que exterminen a toda esa mierda de corruptos narcos y en especial a los zetas que lo que se ve son unos cobardes acabenlos como lo que son ratas y le pido perdon a las ratas por compararlos con ellas pero esas mierdas no tienen con que compararlos vivan los matazetas cuidense

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  6. For the longest time,Tijuana really wasn't Mexico.


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