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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Bodies of the Three Feds Recovered

Oh man!
We were really hoping things did not end this way, but such is life for the people of Mexico.

Tonight the military and federal forces have transported the bodies of the three missing federal police officers that were kidnapped in the area of Buenaventura. The bodies arrived at the local airport and were sent to the state coroner's office (Semefo) in Juarez for an autopsy. It appears that it was the body of commander Jose Alfredo Silly, Chief of Intelligence and two of his aides. According to media sources, they were found inside a mine in Buenaventura, executed at point blank to the head (tiro de gracia),  had signs of torture, and were in the late stages of decomposition.

This might indicate that the officers were executed soon after the "levanton" (kidnapping) and were hidden because of the large force of feds scouring the area. The sicarios (hit men) perhaps did not want to attract attention to their location. They usually dump the bodies in a very public place to send a message to the police.

There has not been a lot of details surrounding the circumstances of their deaths. It is believed that Silly Peña was working under cover and very few people knew of his operation in the area. It is very probable that information about the covert operation was compromised by someone from withing the federal police agency (or anyone with access to such information) and important information was leaked to the sicarios. If the sicarios are ever captured, I am sure this will come to light. The covert operation was to gather intelligence information of capos (drug lords) hiding in the area and investigating the recent problems in the Mormon community of Benjamín LeBarón.

 It is obvious that the police agencies working in Mexico to take control of the violent organized crime have a long way to go before they can have any significant amount of  success. Only time will tell. What is left is an intense hunt for the sicarios responsible for this crime and to bring them to justice.

More information later as it's becomes available.

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