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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Drug Cartel Executes Entire Family of Politician

José Francisco Fuentes Esperón, a legislative candidate in the southeastern state of Tabasco, and his family have been murdered in an apparent drug cartel hit as reported by Marc Lacey for the New York Times:
"Mr. Fuentes Esperón was shot in the neck, local news media reported, while his wife, Lilián Argüelles Beltrán, was shot in the head. Their two sons, ages 8 and 10, were asphyxiated. * * * Mexico's violent drug cartels have increasingly taken aim at public officials. On Aug. 20, the president of the legislature in the state of Guerrero was murdered. Last Wednesday, gunmen killed the under secretary of public security in the state of Michoacan."

CNN reports that "the weekend slaying was not the first time an entire family has been killed in Tabasco":

"In February, a Tabasco police official who had arrested a drug trafficker a week earlier was killed together with his mother, wife, children and nieces and nephews. His brother, also a state police officer, was wounded, as were two others."

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