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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Moderation of Comments

We moderate all comments. What does that mean? It means we do not publish all comments, and we do not publish comments immediately.

Borderland Beat aims to provide a constructive community forum where readers can write in a civil way. The best comments and posts are those that add more information to the story, express a different viewpoint or help create intelligent debate. We certainly encourage constructive debate, but we will most likely delete comments that are off topic, offensive, contain personal attacks or comments that don't further the conversation.

We reserve the right to pre-moderate comments and delete or edit anything we deem necessary without cause or reason, other than the decision of Borderland Beat staff. Some of the instances where we will moderate comments are, but not limited to:

1.) Any comment that gets personal with attacks using offensive language. 

2.) Racially motivated content that has nothing to do with the topic and is hateful toward a particular group.

3.) Any comment that incites and is inflammatory just for the sake of it.

4.) Comments that do not add anything to a topic and are not constructive, cluttering the comment section unnecessarily.

5.) Spam or any post used to specifically promote a link(s) under the disguise of topic orientation.

We allow any comment that criticizes the issue no matter how hard it is,(unless it violates the 5 examples above) and allow for constructive criticism of contributors if they have posted their own opinion or version of story (unless it violates the 5 examples above).

We know, some will decry about freedom of speech, but know that anyone can always create their own blog and post untill heart content, just not here!

If you have a grievance or disagreement concerning a comment that was not posted, please do not do it in the comments section (it will not see the light of day), instead send an e-mail to "borderlandbeat at gmail dot com" and one of the Admins will try to respond to your concern.

So play nice and everyone will be a happy family!

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