Tuesday, January 14, 2020

CANCUN: While walking to work, woman discovers a gruesome scene, 3 decapitated heads

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   Source

A woman walking to work stumbled on a gruesome sight, three human heads, two men and one woman, together with a 'narco-message' addressed to police officers and a state official, appeared this Saturday morning in the Leonardo Rodríguez Alcaine neighborhood, Region 516, on 34th Street and Avenida 135, between Nichupté and Politécnico de Cancún.

With this finding the tally is  14 executions in 11 days of 2020 in Cancun.

Around 6 o'clock the incident was reported to the 911 emergency number, to which elements of the Quintana Roo Police arrived, who observed the presence of the three heads. Agents from the Ministerial Investigation Police (PMI) also arrived.

Graphic image below of decapitation

With the remains, a narco message was sent to the Deputy Attorney General of the State Prosecutor's Office (FGE) in the north, Julio César Moreno Orendain, as well as to the Municipal Undersecretary of Public Security, Nesguer Ignacio Vicencio Méndez, and Antonio Villalobos Carrillo , legal advisor of the State Government.

'Antonio Villalobos, Julio Moreno, Nesguer Ignacio Vicencio Mendez, keep on selling the state to (CJNG-Jalisco New Generation Cartel) sons of bitches, you are going to die!'  Orendain: This isn’t Tulum or Playa here, you're going to cry blood”.

"Greetings to Claudia, Oscar and Yuli ... Villalobos: Stop being a whore What would Bonnie and Jr say? They are going to die. Dogs are going to die Sincerely, the craziest”

Female victim was found with 2 males