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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Marro's Sicarios take injured man from hospital in Guanajuato, the body next appears dismembered

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TYGus Vanguardia
The attackers threatened security guards, doctors and nurses by stripping them of their cell phones so they would not alert the police and prevent them from achieving their objective.

SALVATIERRA, GUANAJUATO.- Armed men stormed the facilities of the General Hospital of Salvatierra, in Guanajuato abducting a patient; hours later the dismembered body appears with a green narco message cartulina.

The incident was recorded around 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday when a group of armed men entered the hospital to take a patient who had been admitted for a gun injury minutes before.

The attackers threatened security guards, doctors and nurses stripping them of their cell phones so that they would not alert the police and prevent them from achieving their goal, which was to abduct  the man who had been shot on the Bicentennial Avenue of the Janicho Colony.


The dismembered man named “Julio” was involved in a shootout against Marro’s sicarios.  Julio was injured in the shootout which required hospitalization.  

With the dismembered remains the narco message indicated the man was “Julio” and signed by “People of Marro” of the Santa Rosa Cartel in Lima.


  1. sick scum terrorists

  2. Alert the police Lol, police would not come anyhow. If they did catch the bad guys, Almo would let them go.

  3. Ohh he was CJNG no wonder they wanted him bad and then chopped the motherfucker up,didnt he realise they might come for him?In a shootout with gente of marro,julio you fucked up brr,shoulda bailed out and hid somewhere,sicarios,fuck em for real,this is their job

  4. A hospital? What’s next, A Church?

    The country is crumbling and morena is inept and clueless.

    The “morena” hype will be short lived because the fools who voted for AMLO, will turn on him in the coming year.


    1. So what?... a hospital, and what about church? Those sick pedophiles. They may have it comming. Just like this sicario. You live by the sword you die by the sword is most true in Mexico. How AMLO acting any different with drug dealers than the U.S. He's not inept or clueless and that scares crooked folk , the uneducated, and the misinformed. Which one are you?

  5. if person was taken from hospital in most decent country's it be on news and massive police search. in Mexico meh just another day.

  6. Gente del Marro chingando se a las jaliskillas! Puro Guanajuato, mi gente!!


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