Thursday, September 12, 2019

Grupo Sombra: Interrogation and execution of El Narro

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from VXT

WARNING!  Graphic image at end of video 

Tamiahua, Veracruz - The Grupo Sombra criminal cell continues to cause terror among the Veracruz population by leaving a narco message with a human head on Enrique C. Rébsamen and Pino Suárez streets in the municipality of Tamiahua, Veracruz.

According to videos on social networks, the human head belonged to Fabián Cruz Balderas, aka El Ñarro, who before his tragic end was interrogated and tortured by hit men of the criminal group.

The recording begins with a warning from Grupo Sombra: “We introduce you to this scum," the aggressors say.

"My name is Fabián Cruz Balderas, they call me" El Ñarro ", I work for Lupe," La Pola ", from the Gulf Cartel. He is the one who supplies me," says the victim in the video.

El Ñarro is known in Tamiahua for his illegal business on drug trafficking and cattle theft, in addition to working for the Gulf Cartel.

At house number 18, on Miguel Hidalgo Street, in Tamiahua, Veracruz, a green manta and a drum of approximately 20 liters was found, which surprised the locals.

Curious at the scene, some who passed through the area stopped to read what would be a narco message from Grupo Sombra. Interrogator and sicarios in video said the following: This is so that you realize, just because you can’t see us doesn’t means we’re not here. This plaza already has an owner. Special Forces , and the men shout in unison: Grupo Sombra!

Inside the container was something even more macabre. A human head was inside, so people alerted the police, who cordoned off the area. The human head was taken to the Forensic Medical Services for analysis. The whereabouts of the body are unknown.

A few days ago, sicarios from Grupo Sombra  displayed their power in a video, in which they celebrate the capture of a criminal from the 35-Z group.

The victim was Facundo Ortigoza, aka El Jarocho, who before being executed and hanged from a bridge, was interrogated by four heavily armed drug traffickers.

The head of the sicario from the Gulf Cartel was abandoned inside a 20 liters drum.

Manta reads as follows: 
Here you have Narro, the Tamiahua terror. All the gang of assholes need to fall into formation. Otherwise, this will be the fate of all the chapulines, extortionists, cattle thieves and the rest. 
F.E.G.S. (Fuerzas Especiales Grupo Sombra)