Sunday, February 17, 2019

GTO: Violent Weekend In Guanajuato, 11 killed

Throw Away Borderland Beat republished from Proceso thank you Sol for images

GUANAJUATO, Gto.- Eleven people were killed in different events in Salamanca, Pénjamo and Abasolo in the course of Saturday, including six men who were executed inside a house in black work in a colony of Salamanca.

The multi homicide was committed almost simultaneously with another homicide in the community of Recuerdo de Ancón also in Salamanca, where a taco street vendor was riddled with bullets.

The Municipal Police of Salamanca received several reports for gunshots in several points of the city. One was referring to a house allegedly abandoned and in black construction on the corner of San Marcos and San Carlos in the San Francisco de Asís neighborhood. It is unknown how the events occurred. The bodies were taken to the Forensic Medical Service and a investigation was initiated. Simultaneously, in the community of Recuerdo de Ancón, another man was killed; his body was lying face down on the side of a car of blocks; the motive of the aggression is unknown.

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This Saturday, three men were executed this Saturday in a vacant lot in the El Sauz de Villaseñor community in Pénjamo. Neighbors in the area reported to the 911 emergency system that they heard gun shots. Minutes later officers arrived and found three men tied up and shot in the head. They have not been identified.

A Woman is killed in AbasoloIn Abasolo, she died as a result of several shots on Saturday morning on the highway stretch Abasolo-Irapuato, in front of the Los Juanes community. It was motorists who passed through the area who gave notice to the 911 emergency system. According to the report, the woman was between 25 and 30 years old, white complexion, robust complexion, dyed brown hair, wore a short-sleeved blouse of brown with black spots, blue denim trousers and ankle boots. Navy blue with yellow sole.