Wednesday, February 20, 2019

El Chapo Trial: Juror claims during trial, 5 jurors followed Vice's Trial coverage

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Juror says he also checked press trial coverage

“A lot of people were having difficulty thinking about him being in solitary confinement, because, well, you know, we're all human beings, people make mistakes, et cetera,” the juror said. A handful “talked about whether or not he was going to be in solitary confinement for the rest of his life, because if he was, they wouldn't feel comfortable finding him guilty.”…Chapo Juror

A juror has spoken out to Keegan Hamilton of Vice news and has made the stunning claim that at least 5 jurors, during the trial, followed news coverage including Keegan’s coverage. 

The juror also defied court instructions and kept his/her notes taken during trial

From the vice article:

“The juror requested anonymity “for obvious reasons” and declined to provide a real name, noting that the jurors didn’t even share their identities with one another. They did form friendships, though, and referred to one another by their numbers or used nicknames based on tastes and personalities. The cast included Crash, Pookie, Doc, Mountain Dew, Hennessy, Starbucks, Aruba, TJ, 666, FeFe, and Loco. “We were saying how we should have our own reality TV show, like ‘The Jurors on MTV’ or something like that,” the juror said. The juror reached out to VICE News via email a day after the guilty verdict came down, and we spoke for nearly two hours on a video chat the following day. The 12 jurors and six alternates were anonymous under orders from the judge, and cameras were strictly forbidden inside the courtroom. But they sat in open court for all 44 days of the trial, their faces plainly visible to Chapo and anyone from the press or public who chose to attend.” 
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Statement from VICE 
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I received a statement from the defense, see below.

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