Wednesday, June 26, 2019

SLP: CJNG hangs narco message in Cd. Valles

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Codigo San Luis

A narcomanta with a message attributed to the Jalisco Cartel, Nueva Generación, was placed this evening in the center of Valles, at approximately 7:00 pm after a series of events led by hired assassins.

There was a kidnapping of a businessman that took place on Sunday night at El Acueducto Restaurant, which ended in a shootout that left one dead and three injured.

In the narcomanta placed on the afternoon of this June 25 in the center of Valles in CJNG announces the alleged arrival of CJNG in the plaza, according to the message. They are at war with Los Zetas, who are pointed out as responsible for extortion, kidnappings, robberies and uprisings in the Huasteca region.

El Señor de Los Caballos leaves narco manta in Morelos

Emiliano Zapata, Morelos - In the San Francisco housing unit of the municipality of Emiliano Zapata, a warning appeared for state and federal authorities to stop supporting and even collaborating with kidnappers.

Signed by El Señor de Los Caballos, nicknamed Santiago Mazarí Hernández, also known as El Carrete, this alleged narco manta, announces a purge of criminals in the municipality, for which he’s even asking for support from the community.

Manta reads as follows:

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

43 More Totoaba Bladders Confiscated in Puertecitos, BC

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Sol
                     Dried Totoaba bladders trafficked on the black market by Mexican DTOs

Municipality of Ensenada BC:  Personnel from the Attorney General's Office (FGR) in Baja California secured a bag that contained 43 pieces of the aquatic wildlife species named Totoaba Macdonaldi.

When conducting surveillance tours in the town of Puertecitos, municipality of Ensenada, Baja California, elements of the Federal Ministerial Police (PFM) located the bag that contained the swim bladders of the referred species. Puertecitos is south of San Felipe, BC on #5 which runs adjacent to the Golfo de California. 

The secured bladders, which are trafficked on the black market to Asia, were put at the disposal of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), which is part of a research folder, for the probable commission of a crime against biodiversity.

10,000 Fentanyl Tablets Busted in Sonora

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Sol
Federal police detained a person who was carrying nearly 10,000 pills of apparent fentanyl while traveling in a passenger bus on the Sonoyta-San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora highway .

The events occurred at kilometer 145 + 000, where the agents realized that a man brought in his baggage 10 bags with a thousand pills each with the physical characteristics of that drug, confirmed the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection .

In the face of the possibility of a crime, the detainee and the secured packages of fentanyl were transferred to the facilities of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic, where the type of substance will be verified and the corresponding investigations will be continued.

Avengers in action in Parral, Chihuahua

Parral, Chihuahua - A young thief received the warning of his life.

Delinquents picked him up near his house and gave him a brutal beating on the outskirts of the city.

Yet not satisfied with that, they tied him to a tree, blindfolded him with gray tape and they placed a big sign made of cardboard that explains what happened.

"This happened to me for being a rat and meth user" read the message placed on his body.

The subject was found tied up close to midnight on the Chihuahua highway north of the city of Parral.

CDG executes a member from Cartel de Los Talibanes

Note:  Video ends with single gunshot to policeman’s head. No torture.
Video translation is as follows:
Sicario #1: Tell me now fucker, who are the ones who go up there with them?
Captive : Hmmm?
Sicario #1: Who all is there with them?
Captive: Who’s there?
Sicario #1: Yes. Who’s name is being heard fucker?
Captive: La Juana. 

El Muñeco, Sicario Lieutenant of El Chapo, will be extradited to Texas

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Mexico has given the green light for the extradition of Jesús Alfredo Salazar, known as El Muñeco, to the United States after a federal court gave the approval.

According to the newspaper Milenio, El Muñeco was one of the most dangerous sicarios of the Sinaloa Cartel and, during the leadership of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, El Chapo , and Ismael Zambada served as lieutenant.

The Fourth Collegiate Court in Criminal Matters, based in Mexico City, unanimously confirmed the decision of the second district judge of Amparo in Criminal Matters that on June 30, 2015 denied protecting Jesús Alfredo from possible extradition.

Couple executed on R92 Cancun--Video

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from VXT

Cancun, QROO.- A double execution was recorded on Sunday night in Region 92, on Miguel Hidalgo Avenue, known as Route 5, a man and a woman,  received multiple shots and died.

After a Sunday of apparent tranquility, during the visit to Quintana Roo by the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the bullet attack alerted the police corporations around 8:15 pm, when two persons with gunshot injuries were reported. But later Red Cross paramedics confirmed that the victims did not have vital signs.

Caught on Video: The abduction of a Mennonite entrepreneur in a restaurant

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat El Diario Chihuahua 

The pick up of the victim was located minutes later with traces of blood

Cuauhtémoc .- A Mennonite businessman was abducted while he was in a well-known restaurant in the commercial corridor of Cuauhtémoc, this morning.

Within minutes of the event, a van was found, which apparently belongs to the victim, which has traces of blood, so it is presumed that the person was wounded.

According to reports, the vehicle was found in Calles 86 and Venezuela.

$1 million snatched from CDN, just like that!

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas - Staff from the Customs Office of Nuevo Laredo and the Tax Administration Service, with the support of the Mexican Army, seized more than one million dollars in cash.

The cash was transported in two boxes that simulated having office furniture in a mini van that was traveling along the Nuevo Laredo border.

Yesterday morning by bridge number 2, elements of the Sedena were performing a routine inspection when they detected the vehicle with the money.

Monday, June 24, 2019

'Ndrangheta: King of Cocaine escapes from prison

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat El Pais

The capo of the Italian mafia Rocco Morabito carried out this midnight a prison flight. He escaped
through the roof of the prison in Montevideo, Uruguay, where he was held since 2017, awaiting his extradition to Italy.

Morabito, who was number one in the 'Ndrangheta - the Calabrian mafia, escaped with three other international criminals from the Uruguayan prison.

"About midnight four people with administrative arrest who were housed in the Center of Income, Diagnosis and Derivation of the INR, escaped through the roof of the building through a gap", details a letter from the Communication Unit of the Ministry of the Interior (Unicom) of Uruguay. In their escape, they went through an adjoining house and stole money from their owner, the statement added.

Mexico auctions drug lords' properties, only raises $2.9 million

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat from DW

Sprawling ranches and houses with escape tunnels seized from drug lords have gone under the hammer in Mexico's capital. Some of the properties, including one where a cartel chief was killed by his brothers, got no bids.
Mexico's government has raised just under $3 million (€2.64 million) at an auction of luxury properties that once belonged to drug cartel leaders.

The 27 sites on offer included gang safe houses, vast estates, and mansions with swimming pools and escape tunnels. But in the end only nine of them were sold.

The earnings amounted to just a third of the $8.8 million the government had been hoping to raise for poor communities in the country's south.

Grisly murder scene

La Perra CDG priority objective arrested

LeChef for Borderland Beat from El Nuevo Herald and Info7

The Attorney General of Tamaulipas ( PGJT ) reported the arrest of Gerardo Meade Benavides, alias " La Perra ", one of his priority objectives for his responsibility in crimes of homicide, kidnapping and extortion.

The assurance occurred in the town of Chiconcuac , Morelos; where the subject was detected with intelligence tasks carried out in coordination with the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic .

Elements of the Attorney General of the Republic ( FGR ) arrested Gerardo Meade Benavides, alias "La Perra". at dawn on Friday in in the town of Chiconcuac , Morelos.  He is a priority objective  for his responsibility in crimes of homicide, kidnapping and extortion, and one of the leaders of the Gulf Cartel. ".

Sonora: Shootings in Guaymas

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

GUAYMAS, Sonora.- Between the night of Sunday and the first hours of Monday, there were three armed attacks with a balance of two dead men and one injured, in the Guaymas-Empalme region.

The first attack was perpetrated at 22:50 hours, on Óscar Ruiz Almeida street, in the colonia Petrolera,  against Gabriel "N", 24 years old, who was wounded with six bullet wounds to his body by an armed commando, the two women he was with were unharmed.

HSI Authorities advise MX Federal Police to the presence of Islamic terrorists in Mexico

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Publimetro
Three alleged terrorists of the Islamic State (ISIS) could be found in
Mexican territory and are heading towards the United States.

Three alleged members of the terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS) could be in Mexican territory  with intention of going into  the  United States , so the Federal Police  (PF) was Alerted to locate and stop them.

In the letter, dated June 21st  sent to the Federal Police,  it is instructed to widely disseminate the photograph of the alleged members of the terrorist group.

Amahed Ghanim Mohamed Al Jabari, an Iraqi national; Ibrahim Mohamed and Mohamed Eissa, from Egypt, who are confirmed in Panama on May 12, and in Costa Rica on June 9.

AMLO favorable rating quickly sliding downward

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Forbes

Growing number of Mexicans call for the resignation of the new Mexican president

Those who would vote in favor of Lopez Obrador remaining in the presidential chair amount to 52% of the population, this is 18.7 percentage points less than last February.

In four months, the popular perception regarding the performance of Andrés Manuel López Obrador has turned negative and the number of people who believe that the president should resign has even increased.

A national survey prepared by Mexico Elige , a Digital Investigations agency, details that, if a process of revocation of the mandate of the presidency will be carried out, 42.5% of Mexicans would vote for the resignation of AMLO.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Mexico nine journalists killed so far in 2019

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from El Universal

From January of this year nine journalists have been murdered in Mexico.

The most recent killed was that of Norma Sarabia, correspondent for the newspaper Tabasco TODAY.  Sarabia was entering her home when two hitmen on a motorcycle drove by and open fire, hitting her multiple times.  She was a reporter of general news and special reports.

Sonora: The torturous grisly fate of those abducted in Rosario Tesopaca

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Below is the video I was sent  by “Sergio R”.  Sergio came back with information that is was from the Tesopaca attack.  I called out for additional info and a BB follower sent me what amounted to confirmation it is of people taken from their homes in the Tesopaca attack of June 21st at dawn.  . The execution supposedly  took place near Hermosillo.

I asked Sol to watch the video and decribe what is occurring.  The brutal, torturous fate of these men is described by Sol as follows:
“Guys being murdered on the ground. They castrated and then beheaded their captives. The aggressors are armed. Lots of cursing and kicking. Very grotesque video. .”
Video below is obviously extremely graphic-

Jalisco: 15 bags with remains of 12 women and men

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat
The complete bodies of at least 12 now confirmed and body parts of others were found that do not form complete bodies.

Tlaquepaque, Jal. - Around fifteen blackplastic bags containing human remains was located five bundles in the colony El tajo in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco. 

The bags contained the remains of 8 women, 2 men and 2 undetermined because of decomposition.

This finding occurs just a few hours after the confrontation occurred in the Jardin de Eden colony, after the murder of a police investigator from the to the State Attorney office, as well as the murder of another officer, murdered in the Colonia Villas de San Martín, both sites located in Tlajomulco.

New confrontation recorded in Guadalajara, Jalisco

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat

Friday there was a clash between police and armed individuals in Guadalajara, Jalisco, which left a balance of two detainees, according to local media.

The events took place on the corner of Periférico and Betania, in  El Bethel neighborhood of the Tapatía capital

So far, Jalisco authorities have not issued information about this new fact that is given hours after the shootings occurred in the municipalities of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga and Zapopan

In another part of the city, an assault was reported on the driver of a black luxury car that was driving along Adolfo López Mateos Avenue.

CJNG kidnaps and dismembers rivals in Silao, Guanajuato

Silao, Gto.- This morning the dismembered bodies of at least two men were abandoned in the Via 1 colony in Silao.

Municipal and military police guarded the pathway area in Calle Rio Lerma, a few steps from the preschool.

The bodies were taken by the Forensic Medical Service to the city of Irapuato, where the autopsy will be performed.

Warning!  Images on next page are graphic of dismemberment

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Security Company is recruiter for CJNG as more calls go out for recruitment

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Material from MVS Noticias/Radio Formula

Segmex, a company detected by the government of Jalisco, in 2016, as a facade of the CJNG, launched another call in which it requests personnel for the position of custodian (escort) with or without experience.

As a requirement, they ask for weapons management, knowledge of personal defense, have initiative and desire to excel and have personal documents.

And they offer an initial salary of 30 thousand pesos, benefits superior to those of the law, bonuses, short-term growth and salary higher than that offered by the Government to the police and military.

Woman's leg discovered on busy Mexico City street

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

While finding a body part is not unheard of in Mexico, it would be shocking none the less.

Such was the case in Mexico City, just outside the Parque Delta Shopping Center yesterday morning, causing a scare among motorists and pedestrians.

The police were called, and it was at that time it was made known that the realistic female leg was a prop made of foam.

Sonora: Two are abducted, dismembered dumped in Ciudad Obregón

Chivis MartinezSol of Hermosillo and UniObregon

Two quartered bodies were found on Sunday night in the streets of Ciudad Obregón, bringing to 34 the number of violent deaths related to organized crime during the month of June in that municipality.

The facts known is about 23:00 on Sunday, the emergency number was reported the presence of two corpses mutilated in the east side of Otancahui Street almost corner with Guerrero, in the municipal seat of Cajeme.

The remains were located next to a cartulina  with a narcomensaje.

One male was severally mutilated, including the removal of the heart, which was attached to the man's skin with a piece of wire.

Video of detainee being tortured, in the case of Iguala massacre of students

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat video form Reforma Portada

A man, arrested  suspected of participating in the  disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa students, in the Iguala, Guerrero massacre, was tortured during interrogation.

Since the investigations began, accusations against agents of different police corporations for torturing detainees have been constant.

Explosion of violence from the Mexicles VS Gente Nueva war, in the Valley of Juárez

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat republished from El Paso News

Last weekMexicles, issued a news release to Juárez news outlets,  warning the leaders of the rival Gente Nueva to leave the valley.

A war among drug-trafficking groups has intensified in the Valley of Juárez, with dismembered bodies left in ice coolers, shootings and schools temporarily closed.

The fighting in the valley is for control of border drug-smuggling routes in the Mexican farming communities along the Rio Grande east of Juárez.

The violence comes as homicides have topped 700 in Juárez this year, including the death of a 6-year-old girl hit by a stray bullet at a kindergarten this week.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Sonora: Reports of shootings, torched homes, vehicles in Rosario de Tesopaco

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

At apx 4 this morning, reports of armed attacks in  Tesopaco, Municipality of Rosario.

Reports circulating in social media are contradictory.  While some insist “dozens” were killed, other reports say no one was killed. Apparently it was because of a clash between two groups.

Unofficially,  15 trucks arrived with heavily armed men, who entered several residences and abducted people within those homes.

A check with mainstream media  such as El Universal and others, report three homes and six vehicles  torched and shot at, but no deaths.

Jalisco: An execution of FGE-Jalisco agent, child wounded

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Reforma
"Safe house"

Guadalajara, Mexico (June 21, 2019) .- A shootout commenced between armed civilians and authorities this Friday morning after the murder of a member of the Jalisco Prosecutor's Office, in the Jardines del Edén Fractionation, in Tlajomulco.

The shooting lasted more than an hour and called hundreds of police and soldiers, although so far the casualties are unknown.

Around 7:00 am, patrolmen from Tlajomulco went to the intersection of Eva and Eden to answer a  report of a bullet gun attack.

El Mencho's: Twenty year history in Tijuana

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Thank You Neal translated and republished from ZETA

Rosalinda González Valencia, wife of the leader of the CJNG, has acquired properties in Tijuana since 1998. Her daughter, Jessica Johanna, also has a property in her name since 2009. That is why Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes sought an injunction in 2013, noting domicile in this border city. The properties of both women are insured by the FGR since 2017, and are located in Playas de Tijuana. The daughter of "Mencho" was granted in Guadalajara an amparo that frees her from an arrest warrant.

The presence of the Jalisco Cartel New Generation  (CJNG) is not new in Baja California. It has been developed over the last two decades. First with the presence of members of the so-called Millenium Cartel or Los Valencia, who used methamphetamine; and second, with the roots and investments of family members who, since 2012, have been designated as the leader of the criminal organization: Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes "El Mencho".

These circumstances encouraged the growth of the CJNG on the border in the most recent years, initially weaving alliances [CAF/AFO]and then controlling the main territories of Tijuana in a fight against the Sinaloa Cartel and a part of the Arellano Felix Cartel, to the extent that it has already been attributed at least the construction of a narco tunnel and several narco laboratories that supply drugs to California.

Nuevo Laredo: CJNG recruitment call out to former federal police

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat VXT 

Message translated by Alejandro Cruz for Borderland Beat

El Bukanas: head of the huachicoleros and his macabre alliance with Los Zetas

Roberto de los Santos de Jesus, aka El Bukanas, is one of the most wanted huachicolero leaders in the country, for whom a reward of 5 million pesos is offered. Before El Bukanas had that title, the main figure of the theft of fuel was José Antonio Yépez Ortiz, El Marro

Bukanas has been linked to Los Zetas since 2014, the date on which their illegal acts were uncovered. During an operation in Veracruz, authorities found a ranch training hired assassins in Sierra de Agua, in Cumbres de Acultzingo

On that occasion, several apprentices between 15 and 25 years old were apprehended, who had been trained to use weapons, paddle their victims and to torture in wastewater and punishment cells.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Texas: Bullet may have been shot from Mexico when Man killed while jogging along Rio Grande

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Thank you TuFren!  From The Monitor

A Brownsville man jogging along a levee of the Rio Grande was shot to death and investigators believe the bullet may have come from Mexico.

The body of Miguel Angel Valdez Hernandez, 57, was discovered Tuesday afternoon by a farm worker driving a tractor.

During a news conference, Cameron County Chief Deputy Gus Reyna said they have no suspects in the shooting, but are looking for a small white extended cab pickup that was seen across the river about the same time as the shooting.

Nuevo Leon: Elements of the Public SS of the municipality of Anáhuac attacked by convoy

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from YouTube and Multimedios

Anáhuac, NL.- Through an official announcement it was reported that  elements of the Public Security Secretariat of the municipality of Anáhuac were attacked by armed men.

The crew in a convoy of at least seven trucks began the aggression.

After the agents repelled the attack, the criminals fled through one of the gaps, although one of the vehicles had their tires blown out.

Agents of neighboring municipalities, as well as Civil Force and uniformed of the Sedena joined the operation to find the criminals.

Guerrero: The confrontation in El Ocotito

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from VXT

The confrontation between two self-defense groups for control of the El Ocotito valley left six men killed in two armed clashes that took place this day in the Central region of the state.

Official reports indicate that at 05:00 hours, the armed group of the United Front of Community Police of the state of Guerrero (FUPCEG), led by Salvador Alanís and Humberto Moreno, the latter the  cousin of the current secretary of Social Development of the state government, Mario Moreno Arcos, burst into the town of El Ocotito, municipality of Chilpancingo where the aggressive group of the Union of Peoples and Organizations of the State of Guerrero (UPOEG), led by Bruno Plácido Valerio, is based.

Graphic images below

Chihuahua: Arrest EL 107 and El 104 of Gente Nueva del Tigre in land/air operation

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Governor Javier Corral reported that in an operation by land and by air, they arrested Jorge Luis OC, aka 107 and Jesús Manuel MP, "El 104"; responsible for the murder of a local candidate in Anahuac.

Along with the commander of the V Military Zone, Miguel Angel Martinez, Corral reported that after investigations they managed to locate the operations center  Gente Nueva del Tigre, in an operation where more than 100 elements and seven helicopters participated, they managed to arrest these two criminal leaders.

Tijuana: 15 Murders in 24 hours

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from ZETA thank you Neal

In less than 24 hours, in Tijuana, 15 people were murdered in different events; With this, the number of violent deaths rises to 143 in June, so far.

At 10:31 hours on Wednesday 19, the body of a male in a state of putrefaction was located on Avenida Roberto de la Madrid, in the colony Cañón del Sainz. The victim had firearm injuries to the head, back and chest. At the scene of the crime, 8 caliber 45 mm casings were found.

Later on the International avenue at the height of the Matadero Canyon, near a water basin, a male was found dead, around 35 years old, who was shot several times in the head and face.

In front of an address located in Sierra Madre street in the Urbi Villa del Prado second section, a man and a woman were executed.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Gulf Cartel connection in the attack of Boston Red Sox David Ortiz

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat
I wondered if the shooting of former Boston Red Sox slugger, David “Big Papi” Ortiz, may have been cartel related….and now reportedly it may have been both cartel related and a case of mistaken identity.

Ortiz was not the target of the June 9th shooting; it was his friend who was the real target.  The shooting occurred in a Santo Domingo nightclub. “Dial Bar and Lodge” , the Dominican Republic's lead prosecutor has revealed.

Attorney General Jean Alain Rodríguez says David Fernandez, the “real target”,  was dressed similarly to Ortiz and seated with the ex-baseball star on the night of the shooting.

Ortiz had his back to the entrance when he was shot in the back.

Filing in support of El Chapo new trial

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Pacer

Below is a full copy of defense filing in support of a new trial for El Chapo

The leader of human trafficking gang Los Melendez is apprehended

The suspect is one of the most wanted men by the United States and his capture took place in the municipality of Izúcar de Matamoros in Puebla, obeying the execution of the judicial order released by a Special District Judge in the Accusatory Criminal System in the City of Mexico

'El Guermex' is accused of the crimes of trafficking in persons, trafficking and shelter of undocumented persons, as well as money laundering, criminal association, prostitution and blackmail.

Sonora: Cartulina message with dismembered bodies in Cd. Obregon

LeChef for Borderland Beat  from FR4NCI5C0 L4ND3T4 and Menytimes

Cartulina Message translated by Sol Prendido:

Here I leave you to the Poli (Police). Another asshole you sent to the slaughterhouse. Jorge A. Gaxiola Castillo aka Pariente or Inge. This will happen to all those who support Los Salazar. Hit men, informants, distributors, and police. We’re here for whatever you want. We have no fear. And to all those who walk outside the corral. Get into formation or we’ll get you into formation. Pariente, we're still waiting for you. And we’re coming after the ones that are missing. Child murdering pigs.

WARNING EXTREMELY  disturbing images of dismemberment and facial flaying on next page

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Mexican Army stops five elements of State Police, Fuerza Coahuila, for possession of drugs

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Rancherita Aire

Army trucks have the Fuerza unit boxed in above

Elements of the Mexican Army detained five elements of Fuerza Coahuila, who aboard an official unit of the corporation, having in their possession various types of drugs.

The arrest occurred on highway 57 in the municipality of Allende, Coahuila, where elements of the Mexican Army maintain a screening filter in the former facilities of the former kilometer 53, to where the elements of Fuerza Coahuila arrived aboard a  panel type unit which was transporting drugs.

The detainees were transferred to the building of the Sub Prosecutor's Office of the Republic in Piedras Negras, where they made a statement before a Federal Public Ministry.

Feds Seize Over $1 Billion Of Cocaine In Historic Bust In Philadelphia

El Armadillo For Borderland Beat From CBS

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Over $1 billion worth of cocaine was seized during a drug bust at Packer Avenue Marine Terminal in South Philadelphia on Tuesday, the U.S. Attorney’s Office says. Federal sources confirmed to CBS3 that a bust took place on a cargo ship that was docked at the port.

Gente Nueva del Tigre send video message to La Linea of the Nuevo Cartel de Juarez

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario # 1: To all the surroundings. We are members of the Gente Nueva of El Tigre. We have come to deceive and exterminate all the scum and all the thieves, kidnappers and extortionists. Just the same everyone who supports those pigs who call themselves La Línea of the Nuevo Cartel de Juárez. I also want to take this moment to send these messages to the police corporations. To the federal government our total respect for you guys. You work fairly and you will buy from us. To the Ministerial Police this is the second warning to you. The third will be for theft. You are not to enter (unintelligible). Work evenly, receive evenly, and understand evenly. Because the third one is going to be considered theft for selling meth.

CJNG claims ownership of Guanajuato through narco mantas

Couple and baby shot in CDMX

warning disturbing video

Bosques del Pedregal, Tlalpan  CDMX - Authorities in the City of Mexico investigate the murder of a man and a woman of 27 and 23 years of age, respectively, as well as an eight month old baby, shot in the colony Bosques del Pedregal, in Tlalpan.
At around 2:15 p.m., preventive police officers were alerted that gunfire had been recorded at the scene.

The Attorney General's Office of Mexico City explained that, when they went to the place, they observed that next to a food stall was the body of the man. And at the junction of Sauce and Guayacán streets that of the woman

The battle of the century

CIUDAD JUAREZ - A chilling general slaughter is coming this summer at the border.

The bloodthirsty Los Mexicles gang declared war on the fearsome Gente Nueva cartel of the Sinaloa Cartel.

"La Tuta" : Sentenced to 55 years for Kidnapping

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Arestgui y EF
                      Servando Gómez, "La Tuta", sentenced to 55 years in prison for kidnapping

'El Profe', as he is also known, was a normalista teacher and created help centers for young drug addicts.  He later became a drug dealer and a cartel founder according to authorities.

The Attorney General of the state of Michoacán reported Monday that it obtained a sentence of 55 years in prison against Servando Gómez Martínez, alias 'La Tuta' or 'El Profe', founder of the Knights Templar cartel.

In addition, he said that he accredited "his full responsibility in the kidnapping of a businessman in the month of August 2011, in the city of Uruapan."

It should be recalled that on February 27, 2015, federal forces captured Servando Gómez in a poor neighborhood in the city of Morelia, accused of the crime of organized crime.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Video: Children "Playing Sicario" in Tepito

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: RadioFormula
                                   They catch Tepito's children "playing hit men" (VIDEO)

The children, between 8 and 12 years old, who live in Tepito, are given the chance to shoot themselves, recoil, laugh and "threaten" each other and passersby.

By:  Blanca Cortés Martínez    June 16, 2019
Through a video broadcast on social networks, you can see how children who live in one of the most violent places in Mexico City play at being " hit men ".

The children , between 8 and 12 years old, who live in Tepito , are given the chance to shoot themselves  and recoil, laughing and "threaten" passersby without any adult doing something about it.

It should be remembered that the criminal group "La Unión Tepito" has frightened the residents of the Tepito neighborhood , as the wave of aggressions has grown over the years in that area.

"El Chapo's" Sentencing Date Postponed until July

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio
The New York court that brought the trial against Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán postponed the sentencing date against the leader of the Sinaloa cartel until July 17.  

Originally, it was established that the reading of the sentence would be on Tuesday, June 25. The delay is due, in part, to the fact that the memoranda of the sentence have not been received by the defense, so Judge Brian Cogan gave an extension for the maximum date of July 3.  The government response to them, if any, should arise before the 10th of the same month. 

Joaquín Guzmán was found guilty of 10 charges of drug trafficking and money laundering on Feb 12, 2019 and is expected to be sentenced to life imprisonment. Guzmán Loera was tried between November and February in room 8D South of the Court of the Eastern District Court of New York.