Saturday, November 17, 2018

Notorious Humberto Moreira diverted 3 Billion MP says his former finance secretary

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Reforma

Javier Villarreal affirms that Humberto Moreira obtained 3 billion pesos by "modifying/inflating invoices"

Back before the house caved in-Javier and Moreira 

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Javier Villarreal affirms that Humberto Moreira obtained 3 billion pesos by "modifying/inflating invoices"

According to an investigation by the newspaper "El Pais" (the country), the ex-governor of Coahuila took possession of public funds through his own businesses by using the previously stated method. Which obtained benefits of up to 600 million pesos.

"Humberto Moreira, ex-president of the PRI party, took possession of money from the treasury through public tenders in which his businesses took part in, some of which ended up invoicing 600 million pesos, according to the declaration that he presented in San Antonio, Texas, Javier Villarreal Hernandez, who was his financial secretary between 2008 and 2010", reported by Jose Maria Irujo, investigative journalist of El Pais.

El Pais published that they had access to statements of the former collaborator of the governor of Coahuila from 2005-2011 after Spanish media revealed that the Spanish justice reopened a case against him for alleged money laundering.

In the testimony offered by Villareal to representatives of the Anticorruption Prosecutor of Spain, according to El Pais, the former treasurer explains in detail that the scheme used to obtain public resources was that of "overbilling and inflating invoices".

"The Former Secretary of Finance accuses Moreira in his declaration of having appropriated 130 million Euros (3 billion pesos), money not only for himself but also for the PRI party", is what Villarreal had declared, according to the outlet.

The access that El Pais had to the investigation had also allowed them to know that "that money had several different purposes, it was used to pay for advertising for governors, Humberto Moreira paid it in order to promote other candidates because he wanted to be the president of el PRI, in this way they had to thank him for being governors".

On several occasions Humberto Moreira's defense has declared these accusations as false, those which he has stated, were never proven.

Even after the news of the reopening of the investigation for laundering was announced in Spain, his lawyers reacted by sending a statement in which they rejected the resolution, considering it without attachment to the law and in violation of the ex -mandate's guarantees.

El Pais mentions that Villarreal had assured prosecutors that between 2005 and 2010 he was in charge of the economic management of Moreira " according to his public function".

"House, trips, car maintenance everything that Humberto needed. In that field, he had the knowledge and was aware of the fact that Humberto Moreira would gain access to public funds, embezzle money. He would manage different payments to companies, of public works, communications, publicity... when they needed to make payments to public companies, some of them needed bidding and some of them did not, by only proving was enough, and he thinks he remembers that with only 5 million pesos there was no need for public bidding. In this type of bidding, Humberto Moreira would participate with companies belonging to him", published by El Pais as a textual quote of the record of his declaration.

They ask the government of Mexico to collaborate

The judge of the National Court in Spain, asked for collaboration from the United States and Mexico in the investigation against Moreira for money laundering, according to information published by Proceso.

Spanish judge Santiago Pedraz had agreed to issue a request for legal assistance to Mexico so that they can investigate all of the evidence that the politician gave in 2016 to the magistrate, about the origin of the resources being investigated, including his companies.

"This petition of legal assistance to Spain, would force Mexico to carry out a meticulous investigation on all of the evidence presented in January of 2016, when the ex-president of the PRI party was detained when he arrived in Madrid via plane and then imprisoned at Soto del Real, accused of various crimes such as money laundering, embezzlement of public funds, criminal organization, and bribery", describes Proceso.