Thursday, October 18, 2018

Torture Video: and fall out from Juarez Police torture of detained La Linea member

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland beat from: El Diario

                  Municipal Police of Cd Juarez Torture member of "La Linea"; accused of attacking State Police

Ciudad Juarez: The images of the exact moment when agents of the State Police were attacked in the exchange office of a commercial plaza on Las Torres Avenue. The images of the security cameras show the interior and exterior of the establishment.

The officers of two units were outside the business when they were surprised by the hitmen, it is observed in the recording. Two agents and a local worker ran inside to get to safety and the other officers took shelter behind their units while the gunmen carried out more than 27 shots.

In the outside shot of the establishment you can see the moment when a car passes in front of the officers and turns to then return and park next to the exchange house. After stopping the car, three men descended and with long guns fired at the police.


After shooting at the officers they are  seen as they return to the car to escape unnoticed; without being captured by the cameras.

Minutes later in the parking lot of Plaza Las Torres was located the vehicle used by the gunmen, which coincides with the characteristics of the one observed in the images of the security cameras; Two assault rifles were located inside the car.

The three assailants of this morning's attack against state agents have already been detained, Prosecutor Jorge Nava said.

He said the weapons and vehicles used in the attacks today and last night, both against elements of the State Security Commission have been impounded.

It is expected that the detainees will be put at the disposal of the Prosecutor's Office in the next few hours and that the motives and the criminal group to which they belong may be established in an investigation, he said.

In neither of the two attacks are police injured or were there casualties and in both cases the agents were able to repel the attack without managing to injure their attackers, according to reports.

Anonymously, Municipal Police officers sent El Diario a video showing how one of the operational coordinators, named Armengol, tortures a detainee, captured this morning after an assault on elements of the State Commission of security.

The Municipal Police identify and torture a member of La Línea: "El Chef".

Sources within the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) revealed that the person seen in a video, being tortured by one of the Coordinators of the Municipal Police, is called Rogelio Celaya Maynez, nicknamed "'El Chef'' , presumed member of the criminal group ''La Línea''.

He was arrested after an attack on elements of the State Police, outside a house of change ie (a Casa de  Cambio), a few meters from the avenue De las Torres, this morning; ie yesterday morning,Oct 17.

Family members went to look for him at the SSPM but they were denied  information and they even threatened them, they assure.

In the video that was sent anonymously to El Diario, it is heard when the alleged hit man is interrogated under torture by Commander Armengol, while trying to extract information in relation to some people and places where weapons are kept.