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Background and chronology of Juárez murders

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The Main Characters of this saga of betrayal; "Joan HP", El Rene Meiby and Cesar 
Ciudad Juárez- Five of the six allegedly responsible for the murder of 11 people in a house in the Praderas de los Oasis subdivision went through the social reintegration system and then went back to crime.

René Hernández Chávez; Martín Alberto Favila González, aka "El Chori"; Diego Armando Jasso Rivera, "El Jasso"; Daniel Quinn Calderón and Luis Fernando Limas Escapita who also calls himself Irving Abdul Limas Martínez, "Ferny" have a criminal record for various crimes, including homicide.

Last Wednesday, they together with Karina Rubí Pérez Valtierra were accused of being the co-authors of the massacre recorded last August 2 in a house located on Oasis de Egipto Street, in the Praderas de los Oasis subdivision and apparently she is the only first time offender.

The alleged mastermind of the massacre, René Hernández Chávez, spent a sentence of 13 years in prison for the crime of homicide. Inside the Cereso 3 in Ciudad Juarez, he joined the gang "Los Aztecas" and when he left the prison in October of last year, he dedicated himself to the sale of heroin, according to the statement he gave to the Public Prosecutor's Office (MP) after his last arrest.

Journalistic data based on official reports point out that in August 2005 René Hernández and a man identified as Francisco Iván Torres Bañuelos entered the business called "Súper Carnicería El Dorado", located at the intersection of Sorgo and Mamey Streets, to commit an armed assault and murdered the owner's son, Ivan Santiago Rentería Leyva.

The victim was shot twice.

For those incidents René Hernández was added to criminal case number 429/05.

Unofficial data indicate that Hernández Chávez is part of the hierarchy of "Los Aztecas" gang. State police said he had an Indian tattooed on his back with a large plume, a sign of command among the so-called "carnales”.

Luis Fernando Limas Escapita or Irving Abdul Limas, was imprisoned as a suspect in a homicide that occurred on February 17, 2014 at around 4:00 p.m. in a store located on Año 1668 y Custodia de la República Streets in the Frida Kahlo neighborhood, where Martín Caro lost his life.

Two others were tried along with Luis Fernando "Ferny”; Jesús Antonio Castañeda Álvarez and Juan Carlos Martínez Moreno, the first of whom was also sentenced for the shooting suffered by the now former head of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) ), Julián Leyzaola Pérez.

But on December 6 of last year the head of the Court of Prosecution, Heber Fabián Sandoval Díaz, determined that the evidence presented in the oral proceedings was insufficient to prove that the three of them committed the crime against Martín Caro and acquitted them.

However, last Wednesday the Attorney General of the State (FGE) through the MP again considered Luis Fernando Limas as an alleged murderer, in addition to the murder of the 11 youth of the Pradera de los Oasis, he charged him with two more crimes.

In separate hearings, the MP accused Luis Fernando Limas of being one of those responsible for the murder of the ministerial agent Antonio Ortiz Espinoza and of trying to kill another state element in the same event that occurred on May 3 at the intersection of Teófilo Borunda Street and De las Torres Avenue.

He is also accused of a crime occuring on February 1st on Teresa Romero and Bernardina Sandoval de la Rosa Streets of the Olivia Espinoza neighborhood in Bermúdez, where a person identified as Luis Jasiel Soriano Ríos lost his life.

Martín Alberto Favila González has two criminal records for crimes against health and theft and Diego Armando Jasso Rivera has four criminal cases brought against him for robbery, crimes against health and family violence, according to official data.

The two of them, as well as Luis Fernando Limas "El Ferny", were arrested last August 5 in Del 57 and Pascual Orozco Streets, by agents of unit number 181 of the SSPM allegedly when they were traveling aboard an Acura vehicle without plates that was pulled over for speeding.

When subjected to an interview, Luis Fernando was seized of four doses of marijuana with a weight of 24.77 grams; Diego Armando with five doses of the same drug with a weight of 26.67 grams and to Martín Alberto, six wrappings of the green grass with a weight of 36.19 grams. In addition, each one apparently carried firearms, one of a large caliber, as reported by an MP agent in the proceedings that took place last Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Daniel Quinn Calderón was sentenced for crimes against health and violation of the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives.

He along with Martín Sandoval García and Cristian Daniel Calderón López were arrested in February 2010 by elements of the Federal Police (PF) in possession of three rifles, two AK-47s and one M17 rifle, five magazines and 1,400 cartridges of different calibers, as well as 4 kilos 600 grams of marijuana, according to journalistic data based on official reports.

According to the criminal case 20/2010-I, the arrest of Quinn Calderón and the other two occurred on February 15, 2010 on Third Street in the Infonavit Housing Airport Expansion neighborhood.

René Hernández Chávez :

• Homicide, served a 13 year sentence in prison

Martín Alberto Favila González, aka "El Chori”:

• Crimes against health

• Theft

Diego Armando Jasso Rivera, "El Jasso":

• Theft

• Crimes against health

• Domestic violence

Daniel Quinn Calderón:

• Sentencing for crimes against health

• Violation of the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives

Luis Fernando Limas Escapita or Irving Abdul Limas Martínez :

• Suspected homicide in February 2014, was released due to lack of evidence

• He is linked to the murder of the ministerial agent Antonio Ortiz Espinoza on May 3

• He is also accused of a crime registered on the first of February in Colonia Olivia Espinoza de Bermúdez 


May 28

• Murder of Jonathan René Hernández Pérez, 'El Titis'

• He would have been executed by order of 'El Garfi' a presumed leader of the gang 'Artistas Asesinos'

• The murder would have been for the sale of crystal that 'El Titis' allegedly found and stole from the home of the homicide victims who were relatives of Meibi Oyuki Santella, his girlfriend

• René Hernández Chávez, father of 'El Titis', plans to avenge the murder of his son then gather heir remains

• Meibi Oyuki Santella, girlfriend of 'El Titis' was identified by Hernández Chávez as the one who betrayed Rene's son and gave information for his murder

• Hernández Chávez decided that it would be August 2, the date of his son's birth, the day he would take revenge

August 2nd

• At 3:00 p.m., Hernández Chávez tells a woman, now a protected witness of the State Attorney General's Office, that he was looking for Meibi Oyuki. The witness informed Hernández that she would see Oyuki at Oasis de Egipto Street, number 1201, in the Praderas de los Oasis neighborhood

• Around 5:00 p.m., Meibi and the witness arrived at the house, where Manuel Esteban Zamora Ávila, Marisol Terrones Meléndez, Christian López Reyes, Glen Édgar Gómez, Christofer Daniel Jáuregui Escobedo, Julia Beatriz Nevárez Martínez, Miriam Janeth López Contreras, Ricardo Hernández Carbajal Cardiel, Christian Iván Hernández Ontiveros, Carlos Iván Torres Sotelo and Víctor Arturo Soto Calderón were found

• Then René Hernández Chávez, Karina Rubí Pérez Valtierra, Daniel Quinn Calderón, Irving Abdul Limas Martínez, who also calls himself Luis Fernando Limas Escaápita, Diego Armando Jasso Rivera, Martín Alberto Favila González and another unidentied man arrive at the house in two vehicles

• Despite the fact that René Hernández Pérez's plan was only to punish Oyuki, he ordered the rest of her companions killed -with the exception of the protected witness- because they had already seen his face and those who went with him to carry out the crime

• The seven alleged murderers suffocate the 11 people -3 women and 8 men- with a cable

• Meibi Oyuki is taken out, tortured in a security house located in front of the Forensic Medical Service, a few meters from the facilities of the South District Police Station

• The woman was murdered in another address, in the Patria neighborhood, next to César Estupiñán, alias 'El Gordo'. Their bodies were left in the trunk of a car in the South Horizontes neighborhood

August 3rd

• At 10:59 a person reports to 911 a kidnapping at the Praderas de los Oasis home

• The SSPM comes to the call and finds the bodies

6th August

• The SSPM announces the arrest of those presumed responsible for the massacre

• One of the people detained on August 6 accepted the criteria of opportunity to be a protected witness

August 8

• The alleged perpetrators are presented before the Control Court, accused of qualified homicide

• They are given a year of preventive detention as a precautionary measure