Saturday, July 28, 2018

Uruapan Michoacan: Funeral homes guarded of 8 killed while they were attending a funeral

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat  Excelsior and Michoacan 3.0

The bodies of the 8 victims of the attack on a funeral home in Uruapan Michoacán were handed over by the Regional Prosecutor's Office to their relatives and transferred to the facilities where their wakes are being held. Those facilities are being guarded by the Michoacán Police.

Two injured remain hospitalized and those locations are also monitored by the authorities to prevent another attack.

“They are taking care of the hospitals, and they are going to watch over these young people, in seven locations. We have information and seven locations are going to be guarded“ said Undersecretary of Public Security, Carlos Gómez Arrieta.

An armed group attacked a funeral ceremony and killed eight people in Uruapan, There are two lines of investigation: a conflict between criminal groups or the attack was for the family not to report a kidnapping.

Additionally, 250 evidence items were displayed in Uruapan for the search of the subjects who perpetrated the attack on relatives and friends of the young man whose funeral they attended  on Wednesday night at the San José Funeral Home.

"We are going to close entries; we are coordinated with the Federal Police.  We are talking about five entries that Uruapan has, and we are going to cover everything, review vehicles, what goes in, what comes out, people's background, "explained the Undersecretary.

In the operation, in addition to the Federal Police, the Mexican Army and the Attorney General of Michoacán are participating, who will follow lines of investigation in relation to the dispute between two rival criminal groups that seek control of criminal activities in Uruapan .