Tuesday, March 7, 2017

"El Kevin" Found executed in Navolato

Original article available at ZETA
Translated by El Wachito

Julio Oscar Ortiz Vega, alias "El Kevin" was found dead -encobijado- last Sunday, in the parking lot of a mall in Navolato, Sinaloa, his body -had signs of bullet wounds- has already been claimed by his family, according to Denise Maerker. This information was also confirmed by the local newspaper El Noroeste.

"El Kevin" was rescue by an armed commando of 50 sicarios, last September 30th, after ambushing a military convoy that was protecting an ambulance of the Mexican Red Cross, in Culiacan. El Kevin was medically treated by military personnel in an hospital of Badiraguato, after a firefight.

"In this image, we can see how El Kevin was being medically assisted by elements of the Mexican Military in an hospital of Badiraguato, later on, this Military Personnel died during a firefight against criminals who attack them while they rescue El Kevin", said a Commander of the Novena Zona Military, Rogelio Teran Contreras.

"After saving the life of the criminal Julio Cesar Ortiz Vega, our brother in arms was executed by members of the criminal organization that we were assisting", claimed Teran Contreras.

During the ambush, 5 marines died and 10 more were wounded. According to sources of journalist Carlos Loret de Mola, "El Kevin" is not a high ranking member of the Sinaloa Cartel, "but he is a key piece, because he knows a lot about the criminal organization, and that's why the operation to rescue him was violent".

According to Newspaper Reforma, the Mexican Army confessed that the Municipal Police of Culiacan is at the service of the Sinaloa Cartel, because they "halconean" for the Sinaloa Cartel regarding (warned/spied) members of the Mexican Military, due to the fact that they were listening to their radio frequencies, and even though there are cameras around the city, they never warned them of the 50 sicarios that were traveling in 15 armored vehicles to attack them.