Thursday, January 12, 2017

One of the most wanted CAF operators "El Chucky" arrested in Tijuana

Original article available at ZETA
Translated by El Wachito

In possession of a 9mm handgun and approximately 250 grams of crystal meth, the PEP(State Preventive Police) arrested Juan Carlos Hernandez Silva of 30 years of age, who is identified as a Lieutenant of the criminal alliance Jalisco-Cartel Arellano. He was arrested on January, 10th when he was driving over Boulevard 2000 in Tijuana, by the Tecate intersection.

At the moment of his arrest, he identified himself as a businessman dedicated to the purchase and sale of used cars, however he was already identified since the beginning of 2016  when he participated in a reunion of CAF members in Mexicali, which resulted in the capture of "El Karateka" in February of 2016.

El Karateke captured ARTICLE HERE

The Coordination Group identifies him as one of the principal allies of Carlos Gamiño Gonzales "El Karateka" (detained and sentenced in 2016), and is currently responsible of the criminal control of Zona Norte (Tijuana's red light district), and the area of La Mesa in Tijuana.

In November of 2016, in the ZETA newspaper, the State Security Public Council, presented "El Chucky" as one of the 10 most wanted criminals of Baja California that were involved in assassinations. However the name of Hernandez Silva had already been in a similar list in February of 2009, when he was 23 years old, he was included by the PGJE and the US Marshal unit of the south of California, in a list, along with 11 other bi-national fugitives involved in crimes against human health, murder and kidnapping.

According to intelligence gathered by the Coordination Group:

1.- He is involved with several police officers who alert him of operations and judicial actions against him.

2.- He is responsible of the organization, coordination and the supervision of shipments of drugs to the United States.

3.- He orders assassinations of members of other criminal groups (contrarios).

4.- He recruits criminals and forms cells of operation and distrubition of drugs in Mexicali.

Other members of the CAF-CJNG alliance that are in the sight of the authorities are:

Juan Jose Perez Vargas "El Piolin"
Israel Alejandro Vazquez Vazquez "El 50" or "El Goofy"
Manuel Santiago Navarro "El Mini" or "El Chago"
Edgar Alejandro Herrera Pardo "El Caiman" or "El Zame"
Pablo Edwin Huerta Nuño "El Flaquito"
Jesus Alfonso Trapero Ibarra "El Trapero"
Daniel Ochoa Loera

El Chucky Corrido