Thursday, November 10, 2016

Los Antrax and its fallen leaders

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from an El Debate article

Subject Matter: Los Antrax
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

This past 30th of October, the second in command of Los Antrax, El Sargento Phoenix, was killed with gunfire in Culiacan. This past week, a confrontation between armed civilians and the Military in Miguel Hidalgo colonia cost the lives of three people, three injured and six detained, as well as the confiscation of various weapons.

According to Military sources, those taken down were Rene N known as Sargento Phoenix or el Gato Negro: among the other El Chuy y, and a third without identification. The last two, their real names are unknown.

Sources only confirm that they were considered important leaders of the criminal group Los Antrax, in the service of the Sinaloa Cartel.

These men were killed inside of two vans of recent model one of the armored. Of the three shot and injured, two were recognized as Jose Javier N, 25 years of age, and Juan Carlos N, 32 years of age. The third mans identity is unknown, but his state of health is reported as serious. All were taken to the General Hospital, where the Military maintain a tight security cordon around nearby streets.

According to authorities, these events were registered around 4 am in the morning of Sunday the 30th of October, around Miguel Hidalgo Boulevard, between the streets Esteban Flores and Alejandro Quihano.

According to information offered, the forces were circulating on the mentioned place, but were not seeking Los Antrax, they were only there to offer support to Sinaloa, when they were informed of armed people.

Who are Los Antrax?

It as in 2008 when Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa alias "El Chino Antrax" founded this group, after the separation of the organizations of Sinaloa and the Los Beltran Leyva.

It is said that it was created principally to protect the sons of Ismael "El Mayo Zambada, its members were principally in Culiacan.

But "El Chino Antrax was not the only found of this group, well Rene Velazquez alias "Sargento Phoenix Antrax", "El Gato Negro" and "El Taliban" was one of the heads.

What distinguished its members is a skull ring with diamonds, which implies leadership, death and power.

Other members that are active, but fugitives from the law are Eliseo Imperial Castro "El Cheyo Antrax", a nephew of "El Mayo" Zambada.

Fallen Antrax

One of the primary fallen leaders was Redel Castro, "El Pocho Antrax",  he died during a massive shootout in June of 2010, against the Beltran Leyva in Tubutama, Sonora.

In May of 2011, Franklin Olguin Velazquez alias "El Franki or "El Dos", Jesus Humberto Corona Guillen alias "El Chuve" and Pedro Valenzuela Meza alias "El Pedron", were killed by the Mexican army. Another high ranker and close to "El Chino Antrax", Francisco Arce Rubio "Pancho Arce", was taken down during a football game in Culiacan by "Los Mazatlecos".

In February of 2012, Roque Landeros, "Roque Antrax, died together with another 3 men in Culiacan, it is said that these homicides were derived from an internal struggle in the Sinaloa Cartel.

Finally, fell Rene "El Sargento Phoenix" during a shootout in Culiacan, (Otis: see link to article on this by BB Reporter El Wachito).

Rene N, who while alive was signalled as the second in command of Los Antrax, was one of three people that died on the morning of that Sunday, after being involved in a a confrontation with elements of the Marines in Calle Miguel Hidalgo, of the colonia of the same name.

El Sargento Phoenix, who has many narco corridos dedicated to him, was described as a highly violent person who used various types of weaponry.

Characterized by his almost always black clothes, and his shaved head and long beard, this subject was signalled as an important player within the organization of Los Antrax,  where he was also known as "El Sargento Phoenix" or "El Gato Negro".

Original article in Spanish at El Debate