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Narco-terrorism doesn't exist: Jalisco Government

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Zetatijuana article

[ Subject Matter: CJNG, PGR, Jalisco
Recommendation: Some knowledge of recent events in Jalisco would be useful, see Lucio R article]

Reporter: Luis Carlos Sainz Matinez and cortesia
The Government of Jalisco denied that the violence by members of organized crime at the start of May, in Guadalajara and other Municipalities as acts of narco-terrorism, since that term does not fit in  any current legal form.

After a press conference, the institution signalled that the blockades put up at various points of the State, " corresponds to acts of vandalism", planned by criminals, some of which were detained and put at the disposition of PGR, in order to be investigated for the crimes of terrorism and organized criminal behaviour.

The information supplied by the Directorate of Social Communication detailed that the word narco-terrorism "does not exist according to the Royal Academy of Language, to utilise the jargon used by these criminal groups would implicate that it falls into a criminal apology.

"It's because of them that the Government of Jalisco doesn't employ and will not employ the term " narco-terrorism", explains the eager Government news letter. He adds that to discard the word " does not, at all, minimise the gravity of events in Jalisco.

In four paragraphs the Government is dedicated to semantically clarify the difference used to describe the criminal actions that generated fear amongst the population and prompted the state to activate a "Code Red" alert.

In the last paragraph the Jalisco Government gratefully acknowledges the support you are giving the Federal Forces as part of Operation Jalisco, to stop the criminal group whose name is not mentioned and that is the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion.

Original article in Spanish at Zetatijuana


  1. Bullfacking shit is a word that does not exist, mexican governing narco-mierdocracia, is another one, government fueled disappearances is another one, just like darkened transparency of pe√Īa nieto's government and the corruption investigations by the son of the Supreme Court justice of mexico in charge of punishing the innocent and protecting the corrupt...
    --Worse than narco-terrorism is government sponsored terrorism against an in defense population kept defenseless by its traitor government, made after the likeness of its creator and Godfather...

  2. Mexican governors wear pink glasses and see the world as beautiful

  3. The word Narco-Terrorism does not fit in legal form??? WTF WTH!! Well they better make it fit n if it dont exsist then they should make it up n legalize the word! PENDEJOS!

  4. The word Narco-Terrorism does not fit in legal form??? WTF WTH!! Well they better make it fit n if it dont exsist then they should make it up n legalize the word! PENDEJOS!

  5. State employees of the carteleros cannot be terrorized. They can be only "discharged" into a fosa. So they will deny the use of the word terrorism. They get enraged when the stupid public uses the wrong term. SICARIOS TAPATIOS VANDLIZES 7 HEADS FROM VICTIMAS EN JALISCO. Now, does not that sound better?

    1. Royal academies of england or of spain, always recognize new words only after they have been in use by the illiterate and unelegant populace for a while.
      So until the new words, uses and concepts get approved:
      Que chinguen a su madre the Royal academies of the world, the naysayers and the governments, specially the terrorist narco-government we know so well...

  6. They have a point. "Narco" is just a made up word, so of course has no official meaning. The term "vandalism" is insufficient as it does not envelope the entire scope of the crimes, particularly the intent of the perpetrators. (whos intent was to create terror, directed at the state.) "Terrorism" is the proper term. Not Narco-terrorism. The word "narco" has got to go. Have you guys realized yet that this narco-war has very little to do with narcotics? Drugs are just a tool used by these terrorist to earn money to finance their quest for POWER. Its not a "narco-war" anymore. It a war.

    1. The mexican government, and angel aguirre rivero sent news releases and intrigued in secret for others to say that the ayotzinapos were guerrillas involved in narcotics...

  7. Narco is a word it come from narcotraficker or narcotics so one who moves drugs is a narc or narco or narcotraficker

    1. In America, a "narc" is someone who will "narc you out", or in other words, report you to the police. Also used to refer to narcotics agents of law enforcement. The interesting dichotomy is, used either way, it is a derogatory term.

  8. I think quite a lot of people are missing the point. I would suggest you all read " Vallarta at the crossroads " article. What the Government are trying to do is damage limitation to the image of Puerto Vallarta and Jalisco in regards of lost revenue for businesses from a lack of tourists frightened by words like Narco terrorism..

    1. Yeah, like terrorists, I mean tourists can not have anywhere else to go to for their drugs and ho's and underage sex toys, I mean narco-tourists...
      --They even can go in their Bat-Mobil from BB the narco-specialist blog, driven by its Queen la Jefa...
      --That is NOT you mil mascaras, you are just BB's biggest pendeja...

    2. My US family just canceled a present paid week near ball arts. Willing to loose the money rather than risk the narcos. The Gob. can call it what everthey want. The US travel advisory calls it what it is, and it scares tourists.

  9. shooting down a helicopter = vandalism???

    1. Man that's some high dollar vandalism. Probably cost about $500k easy. Not to mention the funerals the deceased soldiers. Or how about the cost of the public transit buses and the three dozen cars burned to the ground.

    2. I wonder what equals terrorism then?

  10. Senor Otis,
    Turistas do not get a toca al puerta at 2300 for piso. Turistas do not spend all the time in Mexico with chances a thousand times greater of getting caught up in a balacera. The British home office used to list the terrorism in Northern Ireland as "The Troubles".

    Gobernacion can put whatever label they want on kidnapping, extortion, FRANCHISING of petty criminals into strictly controlled territories, the purchase of preventivas so they only respond to the whim of sicarios, carjacking, selling cristal and heroin to young people, subverting unions with death threats, and warping the criminal justice and penal system beyond function. Gobernacion needs to be challenged by the press and the public - with ridicule of the word vandalism. "You cut off the heads of 31 people, killed 70 more, robbed a hundred old people.......

    You are......

    You are......

    You are a......


    So, THERE!"

  11. Just call it an attitude adjustment, or catharsis destruction. Let the peones play with fire, lop off a few heads, and have a temper tantrum, so that the status quo remains and those in power from all sides remain so.

  12. I have run across several instances of the Gob here using the same tactic to their advantage. They juggle reporting of deaths in the country in a similar manner. It's only murder if there is a conviction in court (lots of those here !!) They like to use innocuos sounding terms or create general categories to clump bad news into an abstract category. Thing is they cannot control public reports or descriptions once the facts of an event are out so , hey cover up the facts. Use smoke if you have to. Some news outlets will shy away from reporting when there is a conflict between the official report and others.

  13. Mexico charges three with 'terrorism' after cartel violence
    20 hours ago
    Remains of a Mexican military helicopter believed to have been shot down by members of a drug cartel in Villa Vieja community, Villa Purificacion, Jalisco State, on May 6, 2015
    View photo
    Remains of a Mexican military helicopter believed to have been shot down by members of a drug cartel in Villa Vieja community, Villa Purificacion, Jalisco State, on May 6, 2015 (AFP Photo/)

    Mexico City (AFP) - A Mexican judge has charged three people with terrorism over their roles in a day of violence launched by a drug cartel in Jalisco state last week, authorities said.

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    Mexico seeks missing drug war troops as more cars burn AFP
    Gunmen hit army chopper in Mexico, three troops dead AFP
    7 killed in violence during anti-cartel operation in Mexico Associated Press
    A blast and gunfire: Mexico's chopper battle AFP
    Gunmen open fire on Mexico Army chopper as violence roils major state Reuters
    The suspects were accused of organized crime "with the goal of committing ... terrorism" by burning vehicles and using them to block roads around Mexico's second biggest city, Guadalajara, the Federal Judicial Council said.

    Three other people were released because they were "arbitrarily" detained, the council said.

    Authorities say the Jalisco New Generation drug cartel launched gun fights and burned several vehicles, banks and gasoline stations across the state on May 1 to hit back at a federal operation to dismantle the gang.

    The gang is accused of using a rocket-propelled grenade to down an army helicopter that was pursuing vehicles suspected of carrying a cartel leader.

    The interior ministry raised the death toll from the downing to eight after a federal policewoman and a soldier succumbed to their wounds. Six other troops had died.

    The attack on the Cougar helicopter, which was carrying 18 troops and police, was a first by a Mexican cartel against such a military aircraft.

    In addition to the eight helicopter deaths, officials say eight gang suspects and a state police officer were killed in other confrontations on May 1.

    The New Generation has attacked authorities several times this year, killing 20 police officers in two ambushes in March and April, and turning Jalisco into a new challenge for embattled President Enrique Pena Nieto.

    Pena Nieto's administration has vowed to crush the cartel led by Nemesio "El Mencho" Oseguera.

    1. Pe√Īa nieto is just taking down the people that put el prI back in los pinos, narcs and co. to steal all the business like he stole the beltran leyva's in cahoots with Genaro garcia luna...
      mexican politicians are much hated and derided in mexico by real businessmen because they suck at business as much as they are corrupt and greedy, but they intermarried a while ago, the result is not pretty...

  14. It would seem to me that the point is that the Vallarta government is trying to engage in a little bit of "1984"-style doublespeak. In other words, they are saying that, since the word "narco-terrorism" doesn't exist, what is happening in Vallarta can't possibly be terrorism! See! So don't be terrorized. Everything is fine. Nothing to see here. Move along...

  15. 3 steps oh how to confront the drug war violence.

    1. Deny that the violence has arrived in your area (City, County, State), and affirm that thanks to your great efforts there is peace and people should be thanking you.
    2. Once the mutilate bodies start piling up on the street, say that all the victims have ties with the organized crime. In other words, if they got killed its their own fault.
    3. Once the public realizes that the victims are innocent and had nothing to do with organize crime, be strong and ignore all protests, public opinion, social media opinion, world opinion, and wait until they get tired and move on with their life. Just ignore and wait.

    1. O that's a good one.How true.


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