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Deadly entertainment: 'Chino Antrax' and Yuriana Castillo

Borderland Beat

by Ismael Bojórquez
Something they have in common, these  women  who rushed towards death:  they are artfully beautiful, they look cheap,  wear expensive jewelry and clothes, travel in luxury cars, theirs  or others, and have friends, boyfriends, husbands or lovers who are narcos.

They are in habit of taking self-portraits: now that selfies are fashionable - and  they photograph themselves, dressed,  half-dressed, in bathing suits, in the bedroom of their house or in the bathrooms of clubs, alone or in a group, with friends and without friends.

Some have massacred each other on social networks, accusations  of "husband stealer", "nacas", (low class) "sluts", "whores", or "super sluts".

They have unbounded love of social networks. So they first began to look at blogs; later they moved to the metroflogs, then to Facebook, then to Youtube and now they display themselves on Instagram.

Always armed with luxury bags, which can be Moschino, Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, they frequent shopping malls, traveling - in Mexico and abroad - and they own the dance floor in the most fashionable clubs in Culiacan and in the narcofiestas.

There have always been, in the blogs and on Facebook, pictures of them wedded to a glass of champagne, while in the background you see a group of chirrines who entertain at the blow-out.

And not missing the pose with the "cuento de chivo" on their legs, hung on the shoulder and even while firing.

But they are the same ones that are bludgeoned to death, hanged, after a rape, a shot in the head, executed with incomprehensible violence, as if they were dangerous criminals, and even die in "confrontations" with the army.

They are the divas of la buchona farándula: cannon fodder.
                                                         Javier Torres and Ivis Valenzuela

The fate of the Queens

The killing of Susana Flores Gámez (at left) - The Miss Sinaloa 2012 - by army forces during the persecution of Orso Iván Gastélum Cruz, "El Cholo", called public attention to the propensity of many Sinaloan women to be involved in  the narco world.

It was the early morning of November 24, 2012, during a shootout that began in Caitime, municipality of Salvador Alvarado. A military command came to the village in search of the trigger-happy sicario of Joaquin Guzman Loera, who had been located in a safe house.

When they arrived El Cholo began firing at the military, then he and  some of his accomplices fled seeking refuge in other villages, and the chase ensued. 

El  Cholo left the beauty queen  with the instruction, that she surrender. "They will do nothing to you- tell them you had been kidnapped".

But she was shot down by the military as soon as she got out of the vehicle. According to the version of the army,  they fired because "she came down with a cuerno de chivo in hand". 
Karla Contreras-Intense and short life 
Other beauties related to drug trafficking, also had already become traumatic figures. Four years earlier, in December 2008, Sinaloa beauty queen of  2008, Laura Zúñiga Huízar, was arrested at the airport in Guadalajara along with seven armed men and thousands of dollars. Later however she regained her freedom.

Another story that intrigued not only Culiacan, but the entire  country, was about a young woman of 18 who was killed as though she were  the most dangerous of criminals.

On June 30, 2013, the young Karla Contreras was driving in the La Campiña neighborhood. She was shot from two weapons: an FN Herstal 5.7mm 'cop killer' and a .45 caliber pistol. Karlita, as told by her friends, was driving a black 2008 Cadillac Escalade, with plates VMX 9677, which was in the name of  Eduardo Velázquez Juárez, registered with the office in the community of El Melon, Quila.

To carry out the investigation of the case, police found the same name registered to 81 additional  plates , which generated changes in the government to control the issuance of plates, but the murder was never solved , and nobody was ever punished.
El Melon pertains  to an area controlled by the drug dealer Dámaso López Núñez and is a community that was often visited by Joaquín Guzmán Loera, where there have been clashes between drug traffickers and federal forces.

The murdered girl was elected a month earlier as Queen of the Faculty of accounting and Administration (FCA) of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, during the celebrations of the"Day of the Student".

She already lived in an atmosphere that required her to be among the most beautiful and that led to various cosmetic surgeries, some of them, she shared on social networks. Her close circle of friends was formed by drug dealers and friends of drug traffickers and gunmen for drug traffickers.

It is not known if she had ventured into crime in any of its variations but it is rather widely believed - because there is an official investigative report - that the shooting  a deadly "settling of scores" which in this case, was caused by  love, and that the author of the crime could have been  male or female.

The strange death of Ivis

Karlita is another young  buchona celebrity killed in Culiacan. On June 4, 2012 a 33 year old woman who had been wounded during an alleged assault in a shopping plaza died at a clinic in the city. She was called Ivis Hasel Valenzuela Olachea and was one that most frequented  the narcofiestas.

According to police reports, on May 9 of that year she was attacked with bullets during an attempted carjacking. The woman was admitted to the clinic's rehabilitation and specialties with bullet holes in different parts of the body. She was treated surgically but she eventually died after 27 days remaining hospitalized.

Months before these events,  photographs of Ivis Valenzuela being a twosome with Javier Torres circulated on social networks, one of the sons of the JT, who  later said it was a sentimental relationship.

Yamileth and the fury of La Puerca

The night of October 5, 2010 t in Las Quintas, occurred another  "inexplicable" crime. A young mother of two children, Yamileth Bonilla Pérez, 18 years old, was shot and killed while she slept in her home, located on  Isla de Lobos Street. 

She was attacked by Matapolicias. The assassins entered his home and shot her at least nine times.

A version began circulating t that the killing was related to the murder of Marcial Fernández, son of Manuel Fernández Valencia , a Michoacan drug trafficker who had made partnership with the Sinaloa cartel and living in Culiacan. 

Then it was said that Marcial, who was traveling in a Ferrari, was confused with Iván Archivaldo Guzmán.  . The crime was committed on August 29, 2010 in colonia Las Quintas, two blocks from a police station. When they killed Yamileth, a crime related to revenge of La Puerca or El Animal, as they called Marciel's father, because the young woman was a friend of his son. 

Fernandez Valencia went crazy. Until the death of Marcial, few knew him.  He had a very low profile, although his name has already appeared in DEA files since the beginning of this decade. 

He swore the that the death of his son was an insult that would not go unpunished: 

"It is not the son of the Chapo or Mayo who was killed- but my son, and it will not stop here."  said  El Animal during the funeral of his son.

A month after the death of Marcial fell into the hands of the Sinaloa Cartel, the suspect of the crime,  was named Israel Rincon Martinez who they called  El Guacho. 

At that time was uploaded to Youtube a video where he is being questioned and a week later he was found dead in the area of Navolato, the body tortured. 

The Yamileth crime occurred hours after the video was published and was also related to the fury of La Puerca. 

During those same days, a daughter of the legendary Gonzalo 'Chalo' Araujo, named Aislin, who was connected to a love affair with the Guacho, was kidnapped. But the intervention of the narco families of Culiacán managed to save her. 

Manuel Fernández was arrested a month later by the Federal Police, at the Tres Rios Hotel, at the North exit of Culiacan, along with seven hired assassins who were with him. 

In the statement made to the SFSP, Fernandez Valencia said that his son had been killed because they confused it with Iván Archivaldo Guzmán, who leads a similar car and of the same color, only that brand Lamborghini.
                                                             Maria Luisa and Marisol Torres
 The crime of Yuriana Castillo

The crime against Yuriana Castillo Torres  was committed otherwise, but seems to have the same background: the party atmosphere generated by the buchona, permeated celebrity from head to toe by a cheap but equally dangerous glamor achieved with lots of money, drugs, imported drinks, power, impunity... weapons. And in the midst of all this, envy, jealousy, intrigue, distrust.

There was no shooting or burned skin in an atypical cartel killing.  She was kidnapped on Tuesday May 6 as she left the gym. They took her while two or three stunned persons looked on and witnessed the entire  abduction.  The Grand Cherokee was on  Rotarismo  Avenue  the  Grand Cherokee  bearing plates VMY5766. The police arrived and realizing who it was, he appointed a "special group" of investigators.

Yuriana had had a son with Rodrigo Aréchiga Gamboa, El Chino Antrax, and was considered one of the partners of the man who was arrested in the Netherlands on December 31. 

 Less than 24 hours after her abduction,  the body of the young woman was thrown from a truck which entered in reverse by Boulevard Paseo de las palmas, the colonia Guadalupe, directly in  back of the preparatory Salvador Allende, the UAS.

The vehicle stopped in front of a vacant lot and two men dropped a bundle wrapped in white sheets, while some people who were exercising   in the area, saw the men in the truck throw what they believed to be trash . 

It was the body of Yuriana.

Someone notified the police when it was realized that, what lay between the dry grass and rubble was a body. Little by little the curious were surrounding the discovery. Until the police arrived with its yellow crime scene tape. . The wrapped body was tied with cords.

                                                                 Corpse of Yuriana
The farewell from Los Antrax

It is not a vigil crowded that one and a half on Thursday evening. The funeral home San Martín de Montebello room looks uninhabited. Those paying respects to Yuriana Castillo  are not more than twenty present.. Outside waited four or five men and three or four women who talk in a low voice. A couple of children dance in the lobby.

Just a few minutes earlier, the Procurator of Justice, Marco Antonio Higuera Gomez, said that the woman died asphyxiated by hanging. Nothing more. Her mother, Norma Torres, related to  Javier Torres "JT" and Manuel Torres, El Ondeado, had told Ríodoce that had no bullet impacted her body and she suffered a fractured  neck.

"But I don't care now what happened,  they took her away from me...".

Doña Norma, who lives in the United States - also Yuriana was a U.S. citizen, as well the son who she had with Chino Anthrax.- she traveled to  Culiacan for the funeral of her daughter.

She spoke with the Humaya gardens manager, where "Yuri" would be buried, so they assigned a tomb that was above.  In life, said her mother, told me that if something was happening not to bury her in the ground,  as she wanted to "feel"  her people when they arrived to visit.

At the funeral was the Torres family- Yasira, daughter of El Ondeado and Luisa and María, daughters of the el  JT, the Felix family, and the Araujos, Yuriana friends and relatives passed through the wake.

Some left or sent their offerings: "of her husband Rodrigo", "of her mother, Norma Torres'... "Of her children"... and from "all of the Los Antrax"

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